Amsterdam prices in 2018. Calculate your travel budget!

How much money should I take to Amsterdam? That’s the question probably everyone is curious about while planning a vacation in the Netherlands. Well, here are the prices in 2018 that will help you estimate your approximate budget!

Prices in Amsterdam in 2018

Transport in Amsterdam

Tip: for long-distance travels inside Holland check for discounted day tickets (dagkaarten), which are often sold in shops like Blokker, Kruidvat, HEMA, Etos or Albert Heijn.

Museums & Attractions in Amsterdam

For discounts on museums and attractions check website (in Dutch only).

Prices in Amsterdam

With I Amsterdam City Card you can enjoy free admission to 40+ museums and attractions in Amsterdam and unlimited travel within the city. Read our tips >>


Tip: buying museum tickets online will help you avoid long waiting lines. Sometimes it will also save you a couple of euros compared to the counter price.

Cafes, bars, restaurants in Amsterdam

  • € 3,50-5 – a glass (0,33) of beer
  • € 3,50-5 – a glass of wine
  • € 2,50-3,50 – a cup of coffee
  • € 5-6 – soup
  • € 6-12 – sandwich
  • from € 25-30 – three course menu dinner (per person)

Tip: for cheap and quality biological food check La Place restaurants located in most big cities in Holland.

Prices in Amsterdam 2017

The bill includes two bagels, one cup of coffee and one cup of tea in Bagels & Beans cafe.


Supermarkets in Amsterdam

  • from € 4 – a bottle of wine
  • € 4-7 – a package (6 х 0,33) of beer
  • € 1-2 – one liter of juice
  • € 3 – 250 gr of salami
  • € 6 – one kilo of chicken filet

Check prices in Dutch supermarkets >>

Tip: if you visit Albert Heijn shops (the largest Ducht chain of supermarkets) ask for a free bonus card at the Information desk and get discounts for a wide selection of products.

Souvenirs in Amsterdam

  • € 5 – for 3 magnets
  • € 30 – Dutch wooden shoes
  • € 10 – for 3 packages of tulips bulbs
  • € 1,50 – stroopwafels (10 pieces)
  • approx. € 14 – one liter bottle of Genever

Tip: Bloemenmarkt (the Flower Market) offers the biggest and the cheapest selection of souvenirs in Amsterdam, while museum shops offer more chic and sophisticated items.

Hotels in Amsterdam

An average price in a decent Amsterdam’s hotel starts from € 80 – € 100 per night. As a rule, the earlier you book, the better price you will be offered. A 5-star hotel, cosy B&B, romantic canal boat or a privately owned apartment – what would you prefer? Holland has a full variety of choice to offer. Check prices and availability >>

Enjoy your visit to Holland!

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