Holland FAQ

What is the best time to visit Holland?

There’s no good or bad time to visit Holland. Definitely, all the seasons have something unique for you to offer. April – mid-May is the time when you can see endless tulips fields in blossom, visit Keukenhof (open 21 March – 19 May 2019) and have an unforgettable experience celebrating the King’s Day (Apr. 27). June-August is a good season for exploring the country and its North Sea beaches.

September to November, right before the high winter season is the time to discover popular Amsterdam’s museums in a quiter amtosphere. December is the time for Christmas markets, holiday fun and unique Dutch Sinterklaas (Dec.5) celebration. And January-February is definitely the season to enjoy shopping (sales, sales, sales!).

Do I need visa to visit Holland?

Every country has its own rules for visitors of various nationalities. And Holland is no exception. Here you can find out which travel documents you need to visit Holland.

What is the weather in the Netherlands?

The country is located close to the North Sea and lies below sea level, which makes winter and rain quite probable, especially between September through December.

The best weather usually occurs in July and August (an average low temperature in Amsterdam +9°C and average high +27°C. During the winter months an average low in Amsterdam is +1°C and an average high +5,5°C).

Average temperatures in Amsterdam in °C and °F


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