The Keukenhof theme for 2019: Flower Power

The Keukenhof theme for 2019 is Flower Power, inspired by early 1970s vibe. Bright colours, hippies, peace, music and the Beatles. A great theme for celebrating the 70th anniversary of Keukenhof!

The Keukenhof theme for 2019: Flower Power

Keukenhof 2019. Save the dates:

  • the Keukenhof gardens are open from 21 March untill 19 May
  • the Flower Parade will take place on 13-14 April 2019.

Keukenhof theme in 2019: Flower Power

Keukenhof tickets:

Keukenhof tours:

Keukenhof 2019. Are you coming?

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See you in Keukenhof in 2019!

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