Keukenhof Express bus FAQ

Taking the Keukenhof Express is the easiest way to travel to Keukenhof from Amsterdam, Schiphol airport, Hoofddorp and Leiden. Here is everything you need to plan your trip.

What is the Keukenhof Express?

During the Keukenhof opening season (from 24 March to 15 May 2022) there are special direct bus lines, called the Keukenhof Express, going to the gardens from:

  • Schiphol airport (bus line 858)
  • Leiden (bus line 854)
  • Hofddorp (bus line 859)
  • Amsterdam RAI (bus line 852).

How to get from Amsterdam to Keukenhof 2022

Keukenhof Express bus scheme 2022. Source:

Check the detailed travel instructions here:

Keukenhof Express bus schedule in 2022 and travel times

You can easily plan your trip with the online travel planner. You will immediately receive travel advice (timetable and the route options) from your departure location.

Travel time by the Keukenhof Express:

  • bus line 852 from Amsterdam RAI. Travel time 35 minutes.
  • bus line 859 from Hoofddorp. Travel time 22 minutes.
  • bus line 858 from Schiphol. Travel time 35 minutes.
  • bus line 854 from Leiden. Travel time 25 minutes.
  • bus line 50 from Haarlem. Travel time 40-50 minutes + 10 minutes walk.

Please note that travel times can vary depending on the road situation.

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Keukenhof Express tickets

Keukenhof combi-tickets (entrance + return bus ticket) in 2020 cost:

  • € 32,50 if you travel from Amsterdam
  • € 27,50 if you travel from Schiphol, Leiden, Hofddorp or Haarlem
  • € 14 tickets for children (4-17).
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You can also buy single travel tickets to the Keukenhof Express. One-way tickets prices in 2019 (prices for 2022 are not available yet):

  • € 7 in Keukenhof Express line 852
  • € 5 in Keukenhof Express lines 854, 858, 859.

Please note. Due to the COVID-19 virus situation, strict regulations of the government will apply in Keukenhof 2022. A maximum number of visitors will be allowed per day and the Keukenhof tickets will have fixed time slots per day.

Can I buy Keukenhof combi-tickets at the bus?

No, you can’t buy Keukenhof combi-tickets from the driver. You can only buy travel tickets. Please not that you can’t pay in cash in the bus.

What types of tickets are valid in the Keukenhof Express?

Can I use my GVB ticket in the Keukenhof Express?

No, bus 858 is operated by Arriva. Your GVB ticket, as well as I Amsterdam city card won’t be valid in the bus.

However you can use Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket. It is valid in the bus lines:

  • 858 (Schiphol Airport – Keukenhof)
  • 852 (Amsterdam RAI – Keukenhof)
  • 854 (Leiden CS – Keukenhof)
  • 859 (station Hoofddorp – Keukenhof)
  • 50 (station Haarlem – Keukenhof).

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is also valid for 1-3 days of unlimited travel by bus, tram, metro and train in Amsterdam and surrounding areas (including Volendam, Edam, Marken, Zaanse Schans, Haarlem, Zandvoort and Keukenhof. See the full list of included routes here >>). Great option is you are planning to travel a lot!

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You can also use the Tulip Festival Card, which is a great combi of Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket, the Keukenhof entrance ticket, Amsterdam canal cruise and several discount cards.

Amsterdam Travel Ticket is not valid in any of these bus lines.

Does the Keukenhof Express have any in between stops?

No, it is a direct and nonstop bus that brings you to the main entrance of Keukenhof.

Is the Keukenhof Express accessible to passengers in a wheelchair and mobility scooter?

Yes, it is accessible to the passengers in a wheelchair. There is a special space in the central part of the bus enough for 2 wheelchairs.

However mobility scooters are not allowed in the bus.

Are dogs allowed in Arriva Keukenhof Express?

Yes, small dogs are allowed in the Keukenhof Express. The dog is supposed to be on a leash and may not occupy a seat. Small dogs can travel in the bus for free.

Keukenhof express bus

Can I store my luggage in the Keukenhof Express?

No, the Keukenhof Express is a regular line bus, not a tourist coach. Which means the bus will leave as soon as it takes you to Keukenhof.

See you in the Keukenhof gardens!


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