Good news: La Place is back to Kalverstraat!

On 10th of June a La Place restaurant on Kalverstraat in Amsterdam will open its doors again. Most of the restaurants from this chain, located in V&D shopping centers across the Netherlands, were closed in winter 2016 after V&D’s bankruptcy. It’s nice to see La Place coming back to the Amsterdam’s main shopping street in the city center!

For years La Place used to be the most successful restaurant chain in the Netherlands. With over 250 locations in shopping malls, train stations, airports, exhibition centres, and recreational facilities, it was well known and often visited both by tourists and by locals.


La Place food, made of fresh 100% natural ingredients, was always a good choice, either you wanted to have a lunch, a coffee break or an early dinner.

La Place Amsterdam

In winter 2016 all La Place restaurants, located in V&D shopping centers, were closed. While several restaurants (in Amsterdam Open Library, Batavia Stad outlet, at train stations and other locations) were still running, guests and inhabitants of Holland really missed dropping by for coffee or sandwich to La Place restaurants in former V&D malls.

Харлем с высоты птичьего полета
A view from La Place in V&D (currently closed) in Haarlem

And now – what a good surprise – La Place is back to a former V&D building in Kalverstraat!


A week later, on June 17, La Place restaurant will open again in Zoetermeer too.

Here you can find a full list of currently open La Place locations in the Netherlands. Hope a few more will open!

Welcome back, La Place! 🙂

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