Parking in Amsterdam in 2024

Coming to Amsterdam by car? Here is everything you need to know about parking in Amsterdam: parking tariffs, where to find cheap parking in Amsterdam, and how to pay for the parking.

Amsterdam parking rates and hours

You can find Amsterdam’s parking rates and hours on the official Amsterdam municipality map. Check an overview map or enter an address and see what the parking rates apply on different days and times of day.

  • Good to know! On 8 December 2023 a new 30 km/h speed limit has come into effect in Amsterdam.
Street parking in Amsterdam

Amsterdam parking prices

Street parking rates

Amsterdam is divided into several zones, and the cost of parking differs significantly. An hourly rate for street parking in Amsterdam ranges from € 0,20 to € 7,50. The closer to the center, the higher the price.

Amsterdam parking zones and rates for parking in Amsterdam

Here you can enter the name of the street and find out what parking rates apply there.

How to pay for street parking in Amsterdam

You can use a parking machine close to the parking spot. At some machines you will have to enter your car’s number plate, and at some it’s not necessary – but then you have to put your payment receipt on a visible spot under the windscreen. Street parking in Amsterdam works on pre-payment.

Parking fines

Parking fine in Amsterdam in 2023 is € 65 + an hourly parking tariff, with a maximum of € 72,50.

Amsterdam parking garages

The prices in Amsterdam parking garages are similar to the prices for street parking. The advantage of parking garages is that it can be easier to find a parking spot. And that you pay before you leave the garage, so you don’t need to worry about being back in time.

Here you can find addresses of the biggest parking garages in Amsterdam. At some of them you can make a parking reservation online.

Looking for more affordable parking in Amsterdam? You can park at one of Amsterdam’s P+R locations.

Park and Ride (P+R)

Park and Ride (P+R) is the cheapest parking option in Amsterdam. You can leave your car at one of the official P+R parkings on the outskirts of the city and travel to the center by public transport.

Park and Ride prices in Amsterdam

Parking in a P+R car park costs €6 or €13 per 24 hours. The P+R rates are calculated like this:

  • off-peak parking rate: € 6 per day (valid on Monday to Friday after 10:00 and all day on the weekend and on public holidays).
  • peak parking rate: €13 per day (valid on Monday to Friday for arrivals before 10:00).
  • you are allowed to park for a maximum of 4 days (there is one exception: at P+R RAI the maximum is 24 hours).

An important rule: after you’ve parked your car, you must travel into the city center using your OV-chipkaart (public transport chip card) or P+R GVB card. You can buy discounted P+R GVB cards from the ticket machine at each site (you require one card per person, but you can buy up to five cards per car). Price of P+R GVB cards:

  • 1 person: € 6
  • 2 persons: € 6
  • 3 persons: € 7
  • 4 persons: € 8,50
  • 5 persons: € 9,50

Good to know: How to use public transport in Amsterdam >>

Here you can find more detailed instructions how to use Amsterdam’s Park and Ride and a list of P+R locations in Amsterdam.

Free parking in Amsterdam

Free parking in Amsterdam

It’s not easy to find free parking in Amsterdam. There are a few exceptions:

  • In some zones street parking in Amsterdam is free on official public holidays and on Sundays.
  • In some zones street parking is free at night.
  • On King’s Day, 27 April, street parking is free throughout the city.

Check the official Amsterdam map with parking tariffs to see what rates apply in the area where you need to park.

Parking at Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Check the Schiphol airport official website for the most up-to-date information about parking facilities, rates and driving directions. You can also make a parking reservation at Schiphol P3 Long-Term Parking online.

Schiphol P3 parking book online

Good to know:

1. It’s way cheaper to book Schiphol parking online then to arrive without reservation.

Schiphol airport parking prices book online

2. The amount of parking spots at P3 Long Term Sheltered parking is limited. So if prefer sheltere parking, book a spot in advance.

Schiphol long-term parking P3 book online

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