Keukenhof 2024: opening times, prices, tickets

Keukenhof is a beautiful spring tulip garden in the Netherlands. More than 7 million flower bulbs are planted in Keukenhof every year. It’s definitely a must-see place if you visit Amsterdam. In 2024 Keukenhof will be open from 21 March to 12 May.

Keukenhof opening days include the Easter weekend (30 March – 1 April 2024), King’s Day (27 April) and Liberation Day (5 May).

If the regular Keukenhof tickets are sold, try booking Keukenhof tickets with direct transfer from the center of Amsterdam (from € 39,50).

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Keukenhof in April

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Keukenhof tulip gardens in the 2024 season

In 2024 Keukenhof celebrates its 75th anniversary. On 21 March Keukenhof will open the festive season with the Symphony of Colours. Opera singer Leatitia Gerards and dancers will perform a musical show at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 at the Windmill in the park.

In 2024 again a maximum number of visitors will be allowed per day. The Keukenhof tickets will have fixed time slots per day.

Based on tbe last years experience, we can predict that some days (Flower Parade day, weekends in April and May) and time slots will be sold out quickly. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Keukenhof tickets prices in 2024:
Type of ticket Price Book online
Keukenhof entry, adults (18+) € 20 Book online >>
Keukenhof entry, children (4 – 17) € 9 Book online >>
Keukenhof entry, children (0 – 3) free
Parking € 8 per day Book online >>
Entrance + direct transfer from Amsterdam from € 39,50 Book online >>
Tulip Festival Card from € 55 Book online >>
Keukenhof combi-tickets (entrance + return bus ticket) prices in 2024

Combi-tickets include the Keukenhof entrance and two-way transfer by the Keukenhof Express bus from one of the following locations:

Departure point Adults Kids (4-17) Book online
Amsterdam RAI (Bus 852) € 36,50 € 18 Book online >>
Schiphol airport (Bus 858) € 31,50 € 18 Book online >>
Leiden (Bus 854) € 31,50 € 18 Book online >>
Haarlem (Bus 850 or 50) € 31,50 € 18 Book online >>

In 2024 you have to book tickets to Keukenhof online. You have to select the date and time of your visit during the booking process. Check if your preferred date and time are available:

The time you choose during the booking process is based on the departure of the bus. All buses departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot can be taken.

Keukenhof 2024 opening

If you want to have a flexible departure time, we recommend to order the Tulip Festival Card (from €55), a combi-ticket which includes:

  • Two audio tours, including the guide for biking through the flower fields near Keukenhof
  • 10% discount on your next purchase (you can use it to book museum tickets).

This card includes everything you need to enjoy Keukenhof and the flower fields. It also includes transportation to the Keukenhof without timeslots, which gives you extra flexibility while planning your trip. Learn more about the Tulip Festival card >>

You can also extend your Keukenhof visit by joining one of the exiciting experiences in the area.

Tulip Experience Price Tickets
Tulip Fields Helicopter Flight
from € 159 Book online >>
Land Rover Tulip Tour
€ 65 Book online >>
Drive-it-yourself tour by Renault Twizy € 85 for two
Book online >>
Tulip highlights bike tour
€ 45 Book online >>

Keukenhof opening hours in 2024: 08:00 – 19:30.

The gardens are open every day during the season, including the King’s Day and Easter weekend.

Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2024

Keukenhof & tulip fields tours

You can book a Keukenhof tour from Amsterdam:

Prior booking for all Keukenhof tours is required. Book now >>

Read more about Keukenhof tours from Amsterdam >>

Keukenhof tours from Amsterdam, Tours & Tickets

How to travel to Keukenhof from Amsterdam?
From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by public transport: bus

Travelling to Keukenhof from Amsterdam? Use a free Glimble app (official app of Arriva company, which operates Keukenhof Express buses) to find the shortest and the fastest way to get to Keukenhof by public transport.

During the Keukenhof opening season there are special direct buses (Keukenhof Express) going to the gardens from airport Schiphol (line 858), Leiden (line 854), Amsterdam RAI (line 852) and Haarlem (line 850).

Travel to Keukenhof by public transport 2024

Keukenhof travel options. Source:

You can buy Keukenhof combi-tickets (entrance + return trip by bus) for €36,50 if you travel from Amsterdam, and €31,50 if you travel from Schiphol, Leiden or Haarlem.

Book combi-tickets to Keukenhof >>

The time you choose during the booking process is based on the departure of the bus. All buses departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot can be taken. For the buses back there are no timeslots. You can take any bus you want.

Amsterdam Keukenhof bus

Keukenhof Express bus schedule and travel times

You can easily plan your trip with the Glimble app. You will immediately receive travel advice (timetable and the best route options) from your departure location.

bus line 852 from Amsterdam RAI. Travel time 35 minutes.
bus line 858 from Schiphol. Travel time 35 minutes.
bus line 854 from Leiden. Travel time 25 minutes.
bus line 850 from Haarlem. Travel time 35 minutes.

Travel times can vary depending on the road situation.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by public transport: train

Please note there is no train station near the Keukenhof gardens. If you decide to travel by train, you will first need to go to Leiden Centraal station (return train ticket costs € 22,20 in 2024 – you can buy it online with a €1 discount) and switch to the bus line 854 (combi-tickets from Leiden are available here).

Another option is to travel from Amsterdam by train to Hillegom station, rent a bike there, and cycle to Keukenhof through the flower fields. There is a free parking for bikes near the Keukenhof entrance.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by direct transfer bus

Taking a transfer bus from Amsterdam can be a good option if you want to travel to Keukenhof directly. There are two different direct transfers operating between Amsterdam and Keukenhof.

Keukenhof tulip festival from Amsterdam 2024

Tours & Tickets bus from Amsterdam. The bus departs from De Ruijterkade, 34 (the opposite side of the Central train station of Amsterdam). Travel time is about 45 minutes. Departure every 30 minutes from 09:00 till 14:30. The price (from € 35) includes the entrance ticket to Keukenhof. Book tickets online >>

Tours & Tickets, Direct bus from Amsterdam to Keukenhof 2024

The bus departing from the “This is Holland” experience (). Simply take the free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station to the opposite side of the IJ, where “This is Holland” is a 2-minute walk away. Travel time is about 55 minutes. Departure every 30 minutes from 09:00 till 14:30. The price (from € 39,50) includes entrance to Keukenhof. Book tickets online >>

Shuttle bus from Amsterdam to Keukenhof

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by car

The Keukenhof tulip gardens are located between Amsterdam and Leiden. To plan your route use Keukenhof address in your navigation: Stationsweg 166A, Lisse. It will take you around 40 minutes (sometimes more depending on the traffic) to drive from Amsterdam to Keukenhof.

You can park your car near Keukenhof for € 8 – 10 a day (you can pay for the parking online).

Planning to go to the gardens directly from Schiphol? Check it out how to get to Keukenhof from the airport >>

Are you staying in Rotterdam or the Hague? You can book a tour to Keukenhof with transfer from these two cities >>

BLOEMENCORSO Flower Parade 2024

The Flower Parade will take place on 20 – 21 April 2024. It will start on 20 April 2024 around 9:15 in Noordwijk. Approximately at 15:45 the beautiful cars decorated with flowers will process to Keukenhof and around 20:55 will arrive to Haarlem.

Bloemencorso route and schedule in 2024:

09:13 Noordwijk
11:11 Voorhout
11:57 Sassenheim
15:22 Lisse
15:44 Keukenhof
17:00 Hillegom
18:00 Bennebroek
20:30 Heemstede
21:30 Haarlem check for more things to do in Haarlem!

On 21 April 2024 the flower compositions will remain in Haarlem. The Flower Parade is an unforgettable show. Don’t miss it!

On Friday 19 April 2024 you can visit the Night Flower parade at Noordwijkerhout and view it in a different light. At 21:00 illuminated floats with thousands of lights will drive through the charming village of Noordwijkerhout. You can book an arrangement, which includes Keukenhof visit, night flower parade visit and transfer from Amsterdam for €92,50.

Do I need to buy tickets for the Flower Parade?

No, you can enjoy the show free of charge. You only need to pay if you want to book a seat at tribunes in Sassenheim, Lisse or Hillegom. Prices start from € 27,50 and these tickets get sold out very quickly.

Prices differ depending on location. Some locations are covered, and some are not. Some tickets also include lunch.

Location of tribune Ticket price Time (on 20 April) Book online
Noordwijk from € 27,95 08:30 Book online >>
Voorhout from € 27,95 11:10 Book online >>
Sassenheim from € 99,50 12:15 Book online >>
Lisse Zuid from € 37,95 14:30 Book online >>
Lisse* from € 74,45 15:05 Book online >>
Hillegom from € 27,50 17:10 Book online >>

*This location is 10 minutes walk from Keukenhof.

You can also book a VIP arrangement (from €139,50) which includes Keukenhof visit, lunch, transfer from/to Amsterdam and grand seats during the Bollenstreek Flower Parade on 20 April 2024. Check availability online >>

What is the best time to see tulips in the Netherlands?

Tulip season runs from the end of March until mid May. Exact blooming times depend on the weather, but tulips are usually at their best in mid April – beginning of May. If you want to see tulip fields in bloom, we recommend to travel to the Netherlands in mid April.

Later most flowers are cut, even before they are done blooming, as the farmers mostly grow tulips for the bulbs, not for flowers.

Keukenhof 2024 opening, Keukenhof open dates

Questions about visiting Keukenhof in 2024?

Please check our Keukenhof 2024 FAQ or feel free to ask in comments!

Keukenhof official website:

Looking for a place to stay during your visit to Keukenhof?

Tip: if you find Amsterdam hotel’s prices too high, check hotels in Leiden, Haarlem or Noordwijk, and find a cosy room at an affordable price.

This article is also available in German: Keukenhof 2024: Planen Sie jetzt Ihren Besuch!

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  1. I will reach Amsterdam only on 19 May morning, the last day of the flower exhibit. Is it still worthwhile to go Keukenhof Gardens? Will there still be many flowers to be seen?

  2. Hi! Do I have to book an exact time to travel via bus from Schiphol to Keukenhof? Or is it not necessary? Thanks!

  3. Hi, if i buy the combi ticket from amsterdam can I take the bus 397 at olympisch stadion stop? it’s near to my hotel. thank you

    • Yes, Olympisch stadion stop is inside the traject where the combi ticket is valid, so it should be ok.

    • A combi-ticket (entrance + bus) is valid for one day. So no, you cannot return on a different day.

  4. I have booked for 9:30 slot from amsterdam centraal to Kuekenhoff . If I reach early can i join the 9:00 AM slot

  5. Hello, what is the difference if I will choose Combi-ticket vs Keukenhof half-day tour? If I will choose Combi-ticket, will that allow me to roam around the Keukenhof Garden?

  6. we had a brilliant visit to KEUKENHOF and will definitely come again and recommend it to others visiting Holland. We have ordered bulbs from you and they will be planted and always remind us of our visit . A wonderful place magical.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thank you very much for sharing your experience. We are happy you enjoyed your visit to Holland!

    • Yes, Keukenhof offers access for electric wheelchairs. The use of a wheelchair is free of charge. You only have to provide a €20 cash deposit for a wheelchair. This will be refunded when you return it. The number of wheelchairs is limited. You can reserve a wheelchair via Keukenhof official website up to the day before your visit at 17:00.

  7. I want to see the tulips, but if the weather is warmer, will the tulips blossom later? I just visited the northeast U.S. and Canada when the leaves are supposed to change colors, but the unusual hot weather kept the leaves green, and I missed the fall colors. Is there any way I can know in advance about the tulips? I don’t want to miss them.

    • In 2020 the Keukenhof gardens are open from 21 March to 10 May, including Easter weekend, King’s Day (27 April) and Liberation Day (5 May).

  8. Hello – and thank you for this amazing source of information. We arrive in Schiphol 10am Friday 17 April for the weekend.

    Would Friday be (even slightly) less busy than the weekend for visiting the gardens, and does that arrival time give us enough time at the gardens?

    If we go directly from the airport is it better to leave our luggage (small hand luggage only) at the airport – do they ever run out of lockers at the gardens?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Karen,

      I would say that Friday can be slighly less busy than the weekend (it can still be crowded though).

      Your arrival time is perfect for visiting the Keukenhof gardens on the same day.

      There are lockers for the luggage in Keukenhof, there should be enough space. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Keukenhof Express buses are regular city buses, with no special luggage compartment. So travelling with the luggage can be not that comfortable, but of course it depends on the size and amount of luggage that you have.

      Enjoy your visit to the gardens!

  9. If I buy the Holland pass that has a gold entry to Keukenhof how do I then book the date I want to go. It will be on the 25th April as we are coming from Australia to see the flower parade as well.

    • With the Holland Pass you have to exchange your golden credit for the Keukenhof entry ticket at any of the Tours & Tickets shops. They are located in the city center of Amsterdam, and there is also one at the central station. You don’t need to book the date in advance because the Keukenhof tickets have an open date.

  10. We have just cancelled a cruise due to concern over Coronavirus. Is there any talk of Keukenhof offering ticket refunds or vouchers for future use for those of us who cannot use tickets purchased for 2020?

    • It’s a pity that you plans have changed.
      It’s the best to contact the website where you bought your tickets (Keukenhof official website or another online ticket office) directly and ask about their refund policy regarding the coronavirus related cancellations.

  11. We have to cancel our trip to Keukenhof due to the Corona virus. Can we have a refund or can we carry our visit over until next year.

    • Do you mean your admission tickets to Keukenhof? Yes, you can get a full refund. Keukenhof will not open in 2020.
      As for the hotel and flight bookings, please contact your service provider for their refund policy.

  12. When do we get our refund? We were scheduled to visit Keukenhof April 29,2020..coronavirus prevents this.
    We will go within two years. 65 Euros.
    Ron Giordano

    • Please contact the supplier (Tours & Tickets, Ticketbar or Keukenhof) who has issued your tickets. You can find their contacts in your e-tickets purchase confirmation. They will arrange a refund.

  13. Hi, i have ordred 3 tickets on the 7th January (60.50€) for Keukenhof 2020. Ordernumber 2002003414. Due to the circumstances please advise how we can get our money back. Thx Rachel

    • Hi! Please contact the supplier (Tours & Tickets, Ticketbar or Keukenhof) who has issued your tickets. You can find their contacts in your e-tickets purchase confirmation. They will arrange a refund.

  14. I have bought combined tickets to Keukenhof 2020. Since it is not opened this year, can I use them for next year?

    • Unfortunatelly, it’s not clear yet. But you can request a refund from the tickets supplier and buy new tickets for the 2021 Keukenhof season.

  15. Dear sir/s,
    After keukenhof close, the garden is still open for flower exhibition and for publix? Or the garden only open during keukenhof? Yhank you.

    • Hi! No, everything (the park and all flower pavilions) is open only for 2 months a year during the opening season.

  16. We plan to visit Keukenhof on April 17, 2023. It is still cold and rainy in Amsterdam. Will we see tulips in bloom at Keukonhof?

    • Hi Ashwini, of course there are no guarantees, but the chances to see tulips in full bloom on April 17 2023 are very very high (I would say 99%). I hope it helps!

  17. I understand there will be tulips at Keukenhof when we visit on April 17 2023. However, will they be the big tulips that bloom later and will they be in or close to peak bloom? Also are the tulip fields near Keukenhof blooming? Thank you!

  18. Love the tips for planning a visit to Keukenhof! Definitely saving this for my next trip to Holland. The photos are gorgeous, can’t wait to see the garden in person. Thanks for sharing!

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