Travelling from Amsterdam to Paris, Brussels, Berlin

Planning to continue your trip around Europe from Amsterdam? Just take a train and continue your journey to Belguim, Germany, France or other European destination. Most international trains in the Netherlands run directly from the Amsterdam Centraal Station.

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From Amsterdam to Paris, Brussels and Antwerp

Thalys train from Amsterdam Centraal to Disneyland Paris

From Amsterdam to Germany
Eurostar trains to London
  • The Eurostar is the high-speed train with connections from Brussels South to Lille, Ebbsfleet and London. Thus, travelling from Amsterdam to London you will need to change the train in Brussels South.
Night trains from Amsterdam
  • City Night Line/ EuroNight trains run overnight from Amsterdam Centraal Station directly to Munich, Basel, Zurich, Copenhagen, Prague, Warsaw.

If you plan to take a train to Amsterdam, we advise you to check the train schedules in the international train planner. Most tickets are sold online on the NS International website, and often it is cheaper to book your train tickets in advance. As a rule, the e-tickets should be printed of saved in the app, but we advise you to read your carrier’s rules carefully.

What is the best time to buy international train tickets from Amsterdam?

The general rule is: the earlier you book, the cheaper are the tickets. Different rail companies start tickets sale in different times:

  • Thalys: 3 months before the trip
  • Intercity Brussel: months before the trip
  • tickets to destinations in Germany: 92 days before the trip
  • night trains to Germany and further: 180 days before the trip
  • Eurostar to London: 180 days before the trip

Amsterdam Centraal train station

Train tickets are also sold at the international ticket offices called Ticket & Service at Amsterdam Centraal Station, at Schiphol Airport and other large train stations in the Netherlands.

If you buy international train tickets at the office, there is a booking fee (€ 7.50 per person, up to a maximum of € 22.50 per booking) that will be added to the ticket price. To avoid these extra costs you can book your train tickets online at the NS International official website.

From Amsterdam to Paris by train: plan your trip

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