How to get from Amsterdam to Zandvoort?

Zandvoort aan Zee is situated 40 km away from Amsterdam. It’s known for its long North Sea beach as well as impressive coastal dunes merging with the Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland.

How to get from Amsterdam to Zandvoort by train?

Goint to Zandvoort by train is probably the fastest option, especially during the weekends in the summer season.

Get on a train that runs from Amsterdam Centraal to Zandvoort aan Zee, and in 30 minutes you’ll arrive to the North Sea. And here you are! The beach is in just a few minutes walk from the station.

Train schedule: direct trains from Amsterdam Centraal to Zandvoort aan Zee generally run every 30 minutes. In July and August there are additional trains, which makes it even easier to get from Amsterdam to the beach. Check the current schedule here >>

During the F1 Dutch Grand Prix 2021 in Zandvoort, from 3 September till 5 September 2021 from 7:00 till 22:00 o’clock the trains between Amsterdam and Zandvoort aan Zee will ride every 5 minutes.

Travel price in 2021: a return train ticket from Amsterdam to Zandvoort aan Zee costs € 12 + € 1 for a disposable train card. You can also use Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket to travel from Amsterdam to Zandvoort aan Zee.

Zandvoort aan Zee train station

Zandvoort aan Zee train station is located just 500 m away from the beach.

How to get from Amsterdam to Zandvoort by car?

Driving from the center of Amsterdam to Zandvoort by car can take around 40 – 45 minutes. However on a sunny summer day you can get into long traffic jams. Some parts of the N200 road from Haarlem to Zandvoort have only one lane in each direction, and the amount of parking slots near the coast is also limited. So if you choose to go by car, be prepared. Check Google Maps for driving directions >>

How to get from Amsterdam to Zandvoort by bike?

Going to Zandvoort beach from Amsterdam by bike can also be an option if you are physically prepared to cycle almost 30 km. You can download biking route here >>

Zandvoort aan Zee, Zandvoort beach, from Amsterdam to Zandvoort

Things to do in Zandvoort

Just enjoy the moment! Swim, suntan, visit a beach club (a place where you are totally welcome in your swimming pants and bikini)…


…or a restaurant (no swimwear, yet no bow ties).


Club Nautique Zandvoort aan Zee

Our top pick for lunch and evening drinks is Club Nautique

Walk on the promenade to Bloemendaal aan Zee (a less touristic part of the beach) and taste some fresh fish.


Rent a bike and explore the dunes in the National park Zuid-Kennemerland.


In September 2021 Zandvoort will host Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix 2021. If you are plannind to visit the Dutch Grand Prix, we recommend you to make your travel and accommodation arrangements as soon as possible.

Enjoy your summer days on the beach in the Netherlands!
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