Public Transport in Amsterdam – complete guide (2024)

How to use public transport in Amsterdam? How to pay for tram in Amsterdam? Where to buy tram, metro, bus tickets and how much do they cost? Which transport pass or ticket suits you best? Here is our complete guide to using public transport in Amsterdam.

How to get around in Amsterdam? Public transport app

Amsterdam travel planner appThe Glimble public transport app will show you which tram, bus or metro line in Amsterdam is the best for you. Fill in your departure point and destination, and the app will calculate the best root, travelling time and schedule. You can also purchase tickets in the app:

Amsterdam public transport map

On the official website of the Amsterdam public transportation company you can find several useful maps – map the city transport, network in Amsterdam, map of the surrounding area, map for the day and night transport in Amsterdam an other. Check the website for the most up-to-date maps and information.

You can view Amsterdam public transport maps digitally or download them as .pdf.

Amsterdam tram tickets, How to use public transport in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam Public Transport Tickets, Passes and Prices in 2024

Good to know: starting from 20 June 2023 the drivers do not sell tickets in Amsterdam buses and trams. In the tram, you can only buy a ticket from the conductor. There is no conductor in tram lines 4, 19, and 24, also not in buses (including the night buses). Be prepared for your trip by buying your ticket or travel product in advance or paying with your bank card.

  • On 8 December 2023 a new 30 km/h speed limit has come into effect in Amsterdam. This has affected travel times and operation of some bus/tram lines in general.
Types of public transport tickets, passes and cards:

There are basically two ways to pay for public transport in Amsterdam – per distance (€ 1,08 boarding fee + € 0,196 per/km), or buy a travel pass for unlimited travel within a certain period of time. With OV-chipcard and OV-pay you pay per kilometer, which is a good option for a single trip. If you plan to use public transport a lot, we recomment to choose one of the travel tickets/passes:

  1. GVB tickets and daily passes
  2. I amsterdam City Card
  3. Amsterdam Travel Ticket
  4. Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket (1 -3 day pass)
  5. OV-chipcard
  6. OV-pay

1. GVB (Amsterdam tram, metro, bus) public transport tickets

GVB Public transport in Amsterdam, Amsterdam tram tickets 2024 Amsterdam city transport is operated by the GVB (Gemeentelijk Vervoers Bedrijf) company. You can buy single, day or multi-day tickets from GVB vending machines or online. GVB tram/ bus/ metro tickets prices in 2024 are:

Ticket valid in the GVB tram, bus, metro for Price Cost per day
1 hour € 3,40 N/A
1 day – 24 hours € 9,00 € 9,00
2 days – 48 hours € 15,00 € 7,50
3 days – 72 hours € 21,00 € 7,00
4 days – 96 hours € 26,50 € 6,63
5 days – 120 hours € 33,00 € 6,60
6 days – 144 hours € 37,50 6,25
7 days – 168 hours € 41,00 € 5,86

Book tram, metro, bus tickets in Amsterdam online

While using the public transport in Amsterdam you have to check-in and check-out (present your ticket to a validator on board). Your ticket becomes valid the first time you check-in. For the duration of your GVB ticket, you can make an unlimited amount of trips buy GVB tram, metro, bus, including the night buses.

Public transport in Amsterdam (tram, metro, bus) tickets

Travelling with children. Children up to 4 years old travel for free. A public transport ticket for children aged 4 – 11 in 2024 costs € 4,50 per day. The child day ticket works just like a regular day ticket. It is valid in all GVB trams, buses and metro lines in Amsterdam starting from the time your first check in.

Where to buy tram/metro/bus tickets in Amsterdam? You can purchase the tickets at GVB service points, vending machines and info counters.

You can also order GVB public transport tickets for 1 – 7 day online >> You can use these tickets immediately, as an e-ticket, through the app.

Please note that GVB ticket is not valid in the trains to Amsterdam from Schiphol. Also not in the Amsterdam Airport Express bus, because it’s operated by a different company – Connexxion. You need to buy a train ticket separately.

2. I Amsterdam City Card

Alternatively you can order I Amsterdam City Card for 24 – 120 hours, which gives free admission to museums and attractions in Amsterdam and free unlitimed rides by the GVB trams, buses & metro for the duration of your card.

I amsterdam city card free public transport

I amsterdam City Card prices in 2024:

Card is valid for Price Cost per day Book the card online
24 hours € 60 € 60 Book online >>
48 hours € 85 € 42,50 Book online >>
72 hours € 100 € 33,3 Book online >>
96 hours € 115 € 28,75 Book online >>
120 hours € 125 € 25 Book online >>

The City Card contains two elements – one for the GVB public transport card, the other one for museums, attractions and a canal cruise. They are both activated automatically: the transport element at the moment you first use tram, bus or metro. The museum element – the first time you visit museum, attraction or take a canal cruise.

I amsterdam card what is included, free public transport in Amsterdam

Order I Amsterdam City card online >>

3. Amsterdam Travel Ticket

Amsterdam Travel Ticket is 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day travel pass valid in:

Amsterdam Travel ticket is valid from the first time you check-in for the first time until 04:00 the morning after. So the earlier you check-in, the more you can benefit from this ticket.

Amsterdam Travel ticket prices in 2024:

ATT is ticket valid for Price Cost per day
1 day € 18 € 18
2 days € 24 € 12
3 days € 30 € 10

Good to know!

  • You can use ATT ticket in all public transport in Amsterdam, including night buses.
  • ATT ticket is valid for unlimited travel by Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397) and Night bus N97 from Schiphol.
  • With Amsterdam Travel ticket you travel by train between Schiphol airport and any of the following train stations in Amsterdam: Amstel, Bijlmer Arena, Amsterdam Central Station, Holendrecht, Lelylaan, Muiderpoort, RAI, Sciencepark, Sloterdijk, Zuid and Duivendrecht. Tip! You can also use this ticket to travel between these stations.

4. Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is a pass, valid for 1-3 days of unlimited travel by bus, tram, metro and train in Amsterdam and surrounding areas (including Schiphol airport, Volendam, Edam, Marken, Zaanse Schans, Haarlem, Zandvoort beach and Keukenhof).

We definitely recommend this ticket if you’re planning to visit the places in the area, included in the card:

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket map in 2023

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket map in 2024. You can find a full-size image at official website.

Prices in 2024:

ARTT ticket valid for Price Cost per day
1 day € 21,00 € 21,00
2 days € 31,50 € 15,75
3 days € 40,50 € 13,50

This travel pass offers a really great value for the price. For example, only a separate return ticket from Amsterdam to Zandvoort beach costs € 14, and a separate return ticket from Amsterdam to Keukenhof costs € 17. Both of these tickets (and much more) are included into the ARTT pass.

The Amsterdam & Region Travel ticket is valid from the first time you check in until 04:00 hours after the last valid day.

During the Keukenhof opening season the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is also valid in bus lines:

Is buying Amsterdam & Region Travel ticket worth it? If you’re planning to visit the most popular places in the Amsterdam area, the Amsterdam & Reigon Travel ticket can save you lots of money. For example, if you buy separate tickets, in 2024 they will cost:

Total: € 75,30 without ARTT. With ARTT you will pay € 40,50 for three days – it’s two times cheaper.

Order Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket >>

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket - travel by public transport to Volendam, Zaanse Schans, Keukenhof, Haarlem, Zandvoort aan Zee beach

5. Paying for public transport with an OV-chipkaart

Another option is to buy an anonymous OV-chipkaart – a contactless rechargable card used for all public transport in the Netherlands. The card itself costs € 7,50. In order to travel with an OV-chipkaart, the card must contain enough credit to complete a single journey: for the bus or tram journey you need to have a minimum of € 4 credit on the card before checking in. For traveling with NS trains a minimum of € 20.

Want to see the best of Amsterdam? Explore the city with a local >>

An anonymous OV-card can be purchased at GVB offices, at the stations, in newsagents, in supermarkets.

Anonymous OV chipkaart the Netherlands

6. Paying for the Dutch public transport with OV-pay

OV-pay is a new way to check-in and out in public transport (bus, tram, metro and train) in the Netherlands with your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile.

Advantage of OV-pay: you don’t need to bother buying public transport tickets. You pay the same amount as with an OV-chipkaart. When you check-in at the bus, tram or metro, you pay a boarding fee of € 1,08 + travel fare for every kilometer (€ 0,196 p/km). You will see the costs in your bank transfer statement the next day.

Disadvantages of OV-pay:

  • if you have a non-euro debit or credit card, it can happen that you actually pay more because of an unfavourable currency exchange rate.
  • you always need to make sure that you check in and chek out with the same bank card/ pass, otherwise you’ll pay double.
  • you pay standard fares, and if you travel a lot you might pay way more than with unlimited multi-day passes (GVB, ARTT, I amsterdam city card) described above.
Please note that GVB (tram, metro, bus) tickets are NOT valid:
  • In public transport operated by other companies (Arriva, EBS, Connexion etc. Usually these are buses that run from Amsterdam to other cities, like Volendam and Zaanse Schans). If you need to find out which transport company operates on your celected route, check website (the name of the company is indicated in the line with the bus number – it’s EBS company in the example below).

Amsterdam, public transport timetable, departures, schedule

FAQ about public transport and tickets in Amsterdam

1. Is it cheaper to travel with OV-chipcard/ OV-pay or GVB tickets?

It depends on your plans. For example, if you need a short ride from Amsterdam Centraal station to Rembrandtplein, you will pay € 1,42 with OV-card or OV-pay. A single 1-hour GVB ticket will cost € 3,40.

At the same time, if you plan to use public transport a lot, buying a GVB multi-day ticket can be a cheaper option than OV-pay. If you buy a GVB ticket for 7 days, you’ll pay only € 5,86 a day for unlimited travel inside Amsterdam.

2. Where can I check the price of travelling with OV-card?
You can check it at Here you will see the exact travel price calculated with kilometer tariff.

3. Is public transport free in Amsterdam?
Metro, trams and buses are not free in Amsterdam. But ferries to and from Amsterdam Noord and NDSM, also operated by GVB company, are free indeed! You can find these blue-and-white ferries are directly behind Amsterdam Central Station. You don’t need a ticket to use these ferry boats.

4. What is a fine for travelling without ticket in Amsterdam?
The fine for travelling without a valid ticket on public transport in Amsterdam is € 50 + to the cost of a travel ticket.

5. Are there senior discounts for public transport tickets in Amsterdam?
No, unfortunatelly not for the visitors. Senior 65+ discounts are only available for the residents.

6. Is my GVB public transport ticket valid in night buses?
Yes, all GVB multi-day tickets are also valid in the night buses throughout the city. Otherwise, a single-ride ticket in a night bus costs € 5,40. It’s also possible to pay for the night bus with an OV-chipcard or OV-pay.

7. How does Amsterdam public transport work on New Year’s Eve?
Tip! Use the Glimble app to get the most up-to-date travel information:

On New Year’s Eve (31 December 2023) you can use all GVB buses, trams, metros and ferries in Amsterdam until 20.00.

On Sunday, 1 January 2024 the GVB timetable starts at 01:30. This applies to all GVB night buses, metro lines 52 and 54. A ticket for the night bus costs € 5,40. It is also included in GVB multi-day tickets. The timetable for Sundays and public holidays applies to all other GVB transport.

On New Year’s Eve (31 December 2023) there will also be no trains after 20:00. Train service will resume on New Year’s Day around 10:00.

On the Rotterdam-Schiphol-Amsterdam-Utrecht night network, a train will run every hour from 01:00 on New Year’s Day. And from 5:00 every half an hour. In 2024 also Haarlem will have a night train connection with Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Check the train departures times and plan your trip in advance! Happy holidays!

By the way, you can take canal cruises in Amsterdam both on 31 December 2023 (last departure at 15:15) and on 1 January 2024 (first departure on 10:00). Book tickets online to secure your spot.

Public transport in the Netherlands

Here you will find more detailed guides to travelling around the Netherlands by public transport:

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Last updated: 27 May 2024


    • There are no special senior citizen fares (or discounts) for non-resident visitors in public transport in the Netherlands.

  1. You have to be very careful using the chipcards. I have just spent over E 20 because of confusing check in and check out gates.

  2. We are planning to visit Amsterdam in a couple of week. We will be going to Ann Frank’s house, Rijksmuseum, and Heineken Brewery, plus airport. What is the most inexpensive mode of transportation that will allow us to get to those locations? What is the estimated cost? Thank you.

    • It’s probably the best for you to get separate tickets for travelling from Schiphol airport and for transportation in Amsterdam (GVB tickets). Train tickets from the airport costs € 5,60 per person. You can check prices for GVB tickets in the article above. If you stay at a hotel in the city center, it can also be a good idea to get around by walking.

  3. If you are from Maasdam, how do you get access to these cards and can you just go to Amsterdam or are you allowed to go to Rotterdam as well? What will the total cost be for this. First time in the Netherlands. Thank you so very much.

    • Hi Binita, if you travel outside Amsterdam, you will need other types of tickets. You can use journey planner to see what kind of transport you can use and what your journeys will cost.

      Here is the article that explains how to buy train tickets in the Netherlands If you travel by bus, you can buy tickets from the driver (no cash, cards only).

      Have a nice visit to the Netherlands!

  4. Does the Netherlands offer unlimited transportation tickets for people who live in the Netherlands? Bus/Rail/Boat ? I’m moving to the Netherlands for 18 months and would like to know which options makes the best sense.

  5. Hi I am going to land at Schiphol airport and then am staying at an Airbnb in Haarlem for 5 days where I will be travelling to Amsterdam and back to Haarlem on each of those days, what ticket is recommended?

    • Hi! Amsterdam & Region travel ticket (for 3 + 2 days) is a good option, especially if you also plan to use public transport in Amsterdam.
      If you need tickets only for commuting between Amsterdam and Haarlem + Schiphol, then you can buy usual single or return train ticket (better to do it online, it will save you 1 euro per ticket).

  6. From 2023, you can use contactless payments on Dutch public transport: on all domestic trains, metros, trams and busses. You travel 2nd class, regular full price. The price is the same as using the anonymous ov-chipcard. For occasional travvelers, this is often the easiest and the cheapest solution. You do not have to register or signup to use this. Apple Pay, Google Pay and many contactless debit and creditcards are supported.

    Travelling using contactless works as following: At the start of your journey, place your smartphone or bank card in front of the reader to check-in. At the end of your journey, or if you transfer, check-out at the same way. Remove your bank card from your wallet, to ensure that the system uses the right card. The costs will be in your bank transfer statement the next day, along with a website link and code to get your travel itinerary. For all details, see the official website at

    Hope this helps anyone!

  7. At the airport I bought a 1.5 hour ticket. I scanned in to a bus but didn’t know we were suppose to scan out . When I got on another an alarm went off and he told me I need to tap out going forward . Will I be charged a fee for not tapping out now? I purchased the only valid for 1.5 hours anyway so I’m not sure

    • In general you have to check in and out every time you use public transport in the Netherlands.

      But I’m not sure I understood your question correctly – did you have a single 1,5 hours ticket? Then there’s no way you’ll be charged something extra afterwards.

  8. You should mention the fact that you can only get on and off the tram using the front and rear doors. First time I tried to use one I stood by the middle door like an idiot until someone told me to go to the front door.

  9. HI,
    Please can you tell me what the public transport is like on Sundays- do they run less frequently or stop after a certain time?

  10. I’m planning a trip to Amsterdam and found this blog post incredibly helpful in learning about the public transportation options in the city. It’s great to know that there are so many ways to get around without a car, especially since parking can be a hassle. I’m looking forward to trying out the trams and buses during my visit. Thanks for sharing this useful information!

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