Cheese markets in the Netherlands

Cheese markets in the Netherlands: when and where? Authentic cheese markets take place only during a certain season. Check out the Dutch cheese markets agenda for 2022!

Cheese market in Alkmaar

The cheese market in Alkmaar will take place every Friday from March 25 2022 untill the end of September.

Opening times: from 10:00 untill 13:00

Location: Waagplein, 1811 MA, Alkmaar.

In July and August, the cheese market in Alkmaar also takes place on Tuesdays from 19:00 to 21:00 o’clock. Check the program of the cheesemarket in Alkmaar >>

Book a tour to the cheese market in Alkmaar >>

Cheese market in Edam

The cheese market in Edam will take place every Wednesday from June 29 until August 17, 2022.

Opening times: from 10:30 untill 12:30.

Location: Jan Nieuwenhuizenplein, 1135 WT, Edam.

There will also be the evening market in Edam on August 8, 2022 (Saturday), from 20:30 untill 22:00. View details >>

Cheese markets in Edam, Gouda, Alkmaar in 2022

Cheese market in Gouda

The Gouda cheese market will take place on Thursdays, starting from April 14 until September 15, 2022 (but not on 26 May 2022).

Opening times: from 10:00 untill 12:30.

Location: Markt 35, 2801 JG, Gouda.

Learn more about the cheese market in Gouda >>

Cheese market in Hoorn

In 2022 the cheese markets in Hoorn will take place on Tuesdays. Start date will follow soon!

Opening times: from 12:00 untill 15:45.

Location: Roode Steen, 1621 CV, Hoorn.

Check the Hoorn cheese market program >>

Cheese market in Hoorn 2022

Cheese market in Woerden

The Woerden cheese market will take plac every Saturday morning from June 4 untill August 20, 2022.

Opening times: from 11:00 untill 12:00.

Location: Kerkplein, 3441 BH, Woerden.

More about the Woerden cheese market >>

Cheese markets in the Netherlands in 2022

Enjoy your visit to a traditional Dutch cheese market!

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