I amsterdam City Card in 2024. Is it worth it?

I amsterdam Card – is it worth it? If you are an active and curious traveller, the I amsterdam city card can save you lots of money. The official tourist pass gives free access to 70+ museums, top attractions, free public transport in Amsterdam and 24 hours bike rental. Moreover there are a few not widely known tips that will make the city card totally worth buying it.

NEW: free entry to A’DAM LOOKOUT – an observation deck with a panoramic view of Amsterdam and Europe’s highest swing – now included in the I amsterdam City Card!

A complete guide to the I amsterdam City Card in 2024:

I amsterdam city card, is it worth it?

What is included in the I amsterdam City Card?

List of museums included in I amsterdam card in 2024

The Anne Frank house in not in the list of museums included in the I amsterdam card.

From July 2022 the Van Gogh museum is also no longer included in the City Card. Make sure you book the Van Gogh museum tickets separately >>

Check it out:
I amsterdam City Card prices in 2024

I amsterdam Card is available in five options: for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours.

Card valid for Price in 2024 Cost per day Book the card online
24 hours € 60 € 60 Book online >>
48 hours € 85 € 42,50 Book online >>
72 hours € 100 € 33,3 Book online >>
96 hours € 115 € 28,75 Book online >>
120 hours € 125 € 25 Book online >>
Order I amsterdam Card online >>

Are there discounts on I amsterdam City Card for students, children or seniors?
No, there are no discounts for students, children or seniors. But there are sometimes general discounts on I amsterdam card at the card’s official website.

I amsterdam City Card: how it works

1. Order your card online. You can pick it up at I amsterdam Visitor Center at Amsterdam Centraal train station.

NEW! You can also download the I amsterdam app and choose to use the city card digitally on your phone.

2. Activate your tourist card. It works automatically, you don’t need to do anything special. The card has two components:

Each component is activated separately at the moment of first use (the first time you check-in at public transport or enter a museum or attraction).

3. Use your tourist card.

  • for traveling by public transport with the City Card you just need to scan your card when entering and leaving a bus, tram or metro (do check-in and check-out). Learn more about using public transport in Amsterdam.
  • you are required to book time slots before visiting most museums and attractions. Find out how to book your time slots.
Which canal cruises are free with I amsterdam City Card?

Here is an official full list of participating cruise companies in Amsterdam. You can also take a free cruise in Haarlem and Volendam.

Which canal cruises are free with I amsterdam city card?

Is Amsterdam Light Festival canal cruise free with I amsterdam card? No, for this cruise you need to buy a separate ticket.

I amsterdam City Card tips

On I amsterdam official website you can find out what’s included in I amsterdam city card. This is an example of what you can save by using the card instead of buying separate tickets:

Price in 2024
Price with I amsterdam card
48 hours public transport ticket €15 €0
Rijksmuseum €23,50 €0
This is Holland €26 €0
Canal cruise in Amsterdam €17,50 €0
Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo €25 €0
Stedelijk Museum €22,50 €0
Moco Museum €19,50 €0
The National Maritime Museum €17,50 €0
Total €166,50 €85 (I amsterdam card for 48 hours)

And here are some extra tips that will make I amsterdam City Card totally worth the money.

Amsterdam city card official website

So, what is good to know to make I amsterdam City Card absolutely worth it?

1. You can use your card for one extra day

Though some travellers mistakenly think that Iamsterdam Card is valid for 1 – 5 days, in fact it’s valid for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours.

So if you activate your card on your first day at 11:00, it will still be valid till 11:00 on the day after the last one. So you can enter a large museum or attraction – for example the Artis Royal Zoo or the Rijksmuseum – at 10:30 and spend half of the day there (even though by that time your I amsterdam card will have expired).

2. The card’s transport and museum components are activated separately

The City Card has two elements – one for the GVB public transport, the other one for museums, attractions and a canal cruise. They are both activated automatically: the transport element at the moment you first use tram, bus or metro. The museum element – the first time you visit a museum, attraction or take a canal cruise.

Keeping this in mind, you can plan your itinenary correspondingly to get the best out of your 24 – 120 hours in museums and in public transport.

3. You can get free compliments and gifts

They include free walking tour guide in Volendam and Enkhuizen, free brochure in Haarlem tourist information office, free cup of coffee or tea in a museum cafe in Naarden (the list of gifts and free extras is subject to change).

Attractions and museums included into city pass Amsterdam

Order your I amsterdam city card

Public transport with I amsterdam City Card

The I amsterdam city card gives an unlimited access to public transport in Amsterdam – the GVB bus, tram, and metro. The card is also valid on night buses.

Please note: the card is only valid in the municipal GVB bus, tram and metro lines in Amsterdam. Connexxion, R-net and other regional buses, as well as train service, are not included.

Free public transport in Amsterdam

How to use your I amsterdam card in public transport:

  • when you enter a tram, bus or metro station, you need to check-in. Just tap your card against the card reader – and that’s it. Using your card to check in will activate it. After activation the card is valid for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours (depending on the duration of your card).
  • before you exit, you have to check-out. To do so, just tap the card against the card reader once again.

Travel for free by public transport Amsterdam with I amsterdam tourist card

Is travelling from Schiphol to Amsterdam included into I amsterdam City Card?

Generally speaking, no, train and direct Airport Express bus from Schiphol to Amsterdam are not included into I amsterdam city card. But there is still one way to travel from the airport to the center with I amsterdam city card.

The I amsterdam city card is only valid in GVB public transport. So you can:

  • buy I amsterdam digital pass, so that you can use it directly
  • take GVB bus line 369 from Schiphol to Station Sloterdijk
  • from Station Sloterdijk take GVB bus line 22, direction Muiderpoortstation, which will take you to Amsterdam Central station.

If you follow this route, it will take you around 1 hour to get from Schiphol to Amsterdam with your I amsterdam city card, which is not that fast and easy. We recommend to download a free Glimble door-to-door travel planner, which will help you to find directions:

It the app, check for the possible travel options. You can use I amsterdam card in buses, trams, metro marked with the white and blue GVB logo.

I amsterdam city card from Schiphol Amsterdam airport

I amsterdam City Card and travelling by train

Train service is not included in the City Card. If you are planning to explore the Netherlands, we recommend buying a public transport Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket (ARTT) is valid for 1 – 3 days of unlimited travel by train, bus, tram and metro in Amsterdam and surrounding areas (including Schiphol airport, Volendam, Edam, Marken, Zaanse Schans, Haarlem, Zandvoort and Keukenhof).

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket map in 2024

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket map in 2024. You can find a full-size image at Iamsterdam.com official website. Learn more about ARTT >>

Prices in 2024:

  • 1 day – € 21,00
  • 2 days – € 31,50
  • 3 days – € 40,50
Order Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket >>

During the Keukenhof opening season the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is also valid in bus lines:

The ticket is valid from the first time you check in until 04:00 hours after the last valid day. Order Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket online >>

I amsterdam City Card pick-up location

After completing the online booking process, you will get an e-mail confirmation. You can show it and collect your physical card at the following location:

  • Amsterdam Central Station: I amsterdam Store, on the North side of the station.

Opening times may be subject to change. Please check it on I amsterdam official website.

I amsterdam card where to buy, pick up location

Information & helpdesk

If you have any questions or problems regarding your I amsterdam city card, you can visit I amsterdam Store at Amsterdam Centraal station or contact the support team at citycard@iamsterdam.com.

I amsterdam city card discount

Enjoy your visit to Amsterdam!

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This page is also available in German: I amsterdam City Card: Wie funktioniert sie?

Last updated: 06 June 2024

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  1. Geachte,

    Is de Amsterdam City Card geldig vanaf het Centraal Station naar het Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam, Schipholweg, Badhoevedorp en later van het hotel naar het centrum van Amsterdam?

    • I amsterdam city card is valid only in transport operated by the GVB company. Please check 9292.nl journey planner to see what company operates on your trajects.

  2. If I buy the city card only but can’t activate it until my arrival in May, how can I make time slot reservations for the Van Gogh Museum and Rijks? Is it better to get the museum card if only use it for 5 museums?

    • With I amsterdam city card you do indeed need to make time slot reservations at the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum.

      1. For the Van Gogh museum you need to have the City Card on hand. Reservation can be done via this link.
      2. For Rijksmuseum you do not need to have the card on hand. Reservation can be done via the museum’s official website.

      There is also an announcement on I amsterdam official website:

      Attention: Visitors coming to Amsterdam between 12 April and 2 June 2019

      The Van Gogh Museum time slots are almost fully booked for this period. There are a few time slots still available, but you’ll need to reserve one quickly to secure a spot. Occasionally, time slots open up at the last minute, so we recommend checking just before you come to Amsterdam.

  3. Do you need to book any museums ahead of time? (Except for Van Gogh and Anne Frank) I’m a little confused because on the iAmsterdam site, for some of the museums, it says ‘book tickets now.’ Is this necessary?

    • You also need to book a timeslot for “All the Rembrandts” exhibition in the Rijksmuseum. In other museums online booking is not necessary but it often saves time because you can skip the line, especially in popular museums (Heineken Experience, Madame Tussauds etc.)

  4. I went on Rijksmuseum official website trying to book a time slot for “ All the Rembrandt” exhibition. It asked me to pay €19 entrance fee. I canceled it. How can I just book the time slot with I Am Amsterdam voucher? Thank you in advance.

    • To be able to use public transport and enter museums/attractions together, you need separate cards.

  5. Hi, can we still use the I amsterdam city card for discount to Museum visit after it had expired after 1 day?
    Thank you

    • No, you cannot use the I amsterdam city card to enter museums for free after the card had expired.

      But you can still use the card to enter museums which offer discount with the I amsterdam city card (like Madame Tussauds museum etc.). Discounts are valid till the end of the year. Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam!

  6. Hi! I didn’t know about the extra day, could you confirm that again? If I bought a 5-day pass and use the pass 9 am on The 3rd of a month, I will actually be able to use it until the 10th?

    • Hi! The 5-day pass is valid for 120 hours after activation. So if you activate it at 09:00 om the 3rd, it will be valid till 09:00 on the 8th.

      If you activate it at 10:00, you will still be able to enter a museum/attraction on the 8th before 10:00, and spend as much time there as you want.

  7. Hi! I am trying to use the City Card to take the metro. When I scan the bar code in the app, my phone defaults to my Apple Pay in Wallet and the bar code won’t scan. I was locked in the metro station. Am I doing something wrong? How do I fix this so I can use my City Card in the app to take the metro?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Darby! Hope you’re fine! For this question it’s better to contact the I amsterdam card webcare team.

      The digital card feature is very new, and we ourselves don’t have experience with it yet. I hope the I amsterdam card team will help you. Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam!

  8. In case it’s helpful to anyone, as of today, it looks like you can only pick up a pre-purchased Iamsterdam card at the Amsterdam Centraal train station. (But you can buy one directly at many other locales.)
    Their current hours are a little shorter than in 2019:
    Monday – Friday: 10:00 until 19:00
    Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 until 18:00

    • Hi Lauren! Thanks a lot for your valuable update! We’ve updated information in the article above.

  9. Hello,

    Can I buy the I Amsterdam Card via app and activate it when I arrive to Amsterdam in July? Or does it get activated as soon as I purchase the card?

    Thank you

    • Hello Ledya,

      Yes, you can do it. The card is activated not at the moment of purchase, but at the moment you first use it (check-in in public transport or visit a museum).

      Have a nice time in Amsterdam!

  10. Hello,

    I want to pre-book a location now. However, it requires me to provide a promo code. If I enter the promo code, does it mean that my city card has already been activated? (I plan to go to the location on June 21 but today is June 16).
    Besides, if I want to go to This is Holland, can I experience it several times? Or only once?

    Thanks and Best Regards!

  11. Do I need to buy the card in advance in order to book time slots– I don’t understand how to book time slots at museums without paying for tickets. Should I already buy the card now and that’s the only way to book time slots? Also is the transportation activation different from the museums activation. If I get on a public transport at 9am- I have until the next day at 9 am to use public transport but if I only go to the first museum at 10 then i have until 10 the next day?

    • Hi Michal,

      Public transport and museum activation work independently from each other.

      As for the time slots, all museums have their own booking system, and they differ. On most museums’ websites you can just choose “I already have a ticket” and proceed with the time slot booking. The process will be the same as if you purchase a museum ticket, but you will see a €0,00 price at the check out.

  12. “… take a tram line 2, which departs from Amsterdam Central station. Ride to Antwerpenbaan tram stop (it will take 40 minutes).”
    – i think it’s incorrect, you have to get off at Laan v. Vlaanderen tram stop. Then walk a few meters to Antwerpenbaan bus stop.

    “Here you need to switch to the GVB bus line 69, direction Schiphol Airport/Plaza, which will take you to the airport in 12 minutes”.
    – actually it is GVB bus line 369. There is no GVB bus line 69 in Amsterdam.

    Please check your text and fix it, it is quite confusing
    (I’ve spent last 20 minutes searching the bus line 69).

    • Hi Lenka, thank you for your feedback. Public transport routes and bus line numbers do change. To get the most up-to-date travel information we advice to use 9292.nl journey planner, which will help to avoid confusing situations.

  13. Hi, I found out that i only can make time slot for Heineken Experience online but not for museum. can you please assists? thanks

  14. Hi there!
    I’m trying to book our time slot for the Foodie Tour but don’t know how to input the City Card number. How do I find my numbers after placing my order number in the app? Thank you

    • What I read in their FAQ is:

      You can still book timeslots in the app or on our website using your card ID (starting AM04) or CC code provided in your City Card order confirmation email.

      If you are trying to add a Digital City Card order to the app, you can also register it in the app by entering the CC code provided in the order confirmation email.

  15. I bought online 4 cards for the family members. I got one code. Can someone help how to split it for 4 persons on 4 mobile phones. Thank you!

  16. Hi there! When I buy a city card, am I able to make reservations before activating the card? Or does the card need to be activated before reservations are able to be made?

    • Hi! I’ve just checked a few museums (Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt house), and there you don’t need you card to be activated. You just choose “Iamsterdam card holder” and pay €0 at the check out.

      I expect it’s more or less the same at other museums, but it’s better to double check the websites of attractions you want to visit.

    • Hi! I Amsterdam card is not valid in Amsterdam airport express bus 397 (operated by Connexxion company).

      It is valid in the bus 369 (GVB company), but it goes to Amsterdam Sloterdijk, which is not close to center. You can still switch from the bus 369 to another GVB bus or tram (I’m not sure which number) to the center. Then it will be free, but not fast.

    • Hi! Yes, you can book your tickets or time-slots for museums visit prior to arrival. At some museums (like Rijksmuseum) you don’t even need to have a card to make a booking. But at some (like Heineken Experience) you have to enter your voucher code during the booking process.

      Booking a time-slot doesn’t activate your card.

  17. Hello, if i purchased the 72 hour ticket do i get free bike rental every 24 hour or just one time? Same question for the canal cruise please. Thank you.

    • Hello! Every type of I amsterdam card (24 – 120 hours) includes one canal cruise and 24 hours free bike rental. So you can visit/use both activities only once. Have a nice time in Amsterdam!

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