Tulip fields in the Netherlands

What is the best time and place to see the tulip fields in the Netherlands? Are there tulip fields near Amsterdam? The best place not far from Amsterdam is the Bollenstreek area (the Flower Bulb Region), which includes beautiful places like Lisse, Noordwijkerhout, Noordwijk, Hillegom.

It’s also the area where the Keukenhof gardens are located. So it’s good to combine your trip to the tulip fields with a visit to Keukenhof (in 2023 open from March 23 till May 14).

Tulip fields Holland the Neherlands

When is it the best time to visit the tulips fields?

The flowering period of the fields depends on the weather. In 2023 the spring is pretty late (as I’m writing it on March 7, it’s snowing outside).

Update, 4 May 2023: most of the flowers in the fields are already being cut. But you can still see the flowers at the special farms like The Tulip Barn (at 130 3e Loosterweg, 2182 CX, Hillegom) or Tulip Experience Amsterdam (at Delfweg 37, 2211VK, Noordwijkerhout).

In spring in the Netherlands you can see not only tulips, but also hyachints and daffodils fields. The blooming season starts with the the daffodils, followed by the hyacinths and then the tulips.

Usual times for the flower fields blooming are:

  • daffodils fields – from mid-March till mid-April
  • hyacinths fields – from the beginning of April till end of April
  • tulips fields – from mid-April till early May

Flower fields near Amsterdam

Photo: hyacinths fields, taken on 26 March 2022 near Hillegom

Flower fields in bloom in the Netherlands

Photo: hyacinths fields, taken on 26 March 2022 near Hillegom

Hyacinths flower fields, Hillegom

Photo: hyacinths fields, taken on 21 March 2020 near Hillegom

daffodils fields, flower fields, the Netherlands

Photo: daffodils fields, taken on 21 March 2020 near Hillegom

Where to see the tulips near Amsterdam?

One of the best ways to explore the flower flowers is by bike. You can rent a bike on the Keukenhof parking and take one of the cycling routes through the flower fields, or book a guided bike tour (from €42,50).

Cycling routes

You can find great cyciling routes on the website of Rent-a-bike van Dam rental company:

For longer routes – from 15 to 25 km – please check here.

Dutch flower fields, tulip fields, cycling routes

Is it allowed to take photos in tulip fields?

It’s not allowed to enter the flower fields. But can make beautiful photos from outside, or visit special farms, like The Tulip Barn (address: 130 3e Loosterweg, 2182 CX, Hillegom) which have photozones for great Instagram photos.

Why is it not allowed to enter tulip fields?

The flower fields in Bollensteek are owned by flower bulb growers. The bulbs need to be healthy and undamaged. Walking through the fields may harm the flowers, spread plant diseases and lead to a financial damage for the growers. So please be respectful!

Tulip fields in the Netherlands

It’s also not allowed to pick flowers in the fields. But you can buy them at a very reasonable price in small tents along the road. You can also visit special tulip-picking farms (pluktuinen) in the area like The Tulip Barn, De Tulperij, Annemieke’s Picking Garden, or Pluktuin Noordwijkerhout.

Dutch tulips, best time to see tulips in the Netherlands

Keukenhof 2023: plan your visit!

Enjoy your visit to the tulip fields and the Keukenhof gardens in the Netherlands!

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