How to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof in 2024?

The Keukenhof park is accessible from Amsterdam by bus, train, direct transfer and car. What is the cheapest way to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam? Here are our tips how to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof, where to buy tickets and how much they cost in 2024.

Amsterdam to Keukenhof travel options: summary
From Amsterdam to Keukenhof Price in 2024 Entrance to Keukenhof Book online
By public transport € 36,50 included Book online >>
By transfer bus from € 39,50 included Book online >>
Tours from Amsterdam from € 87,50 included Book online >>
By taxi from € 96
not included Book online >>

Amsterdam to Keukenhof Travel Guide 2024

Keukenhof from Amsterdam 2024

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by direct transfer bus

Taking a transfer bus from Amsterdam can be a good option if you want to travel to Keukenhof directly. There are two different direct transfers operating between Amsterdam and Keukenhof.

Tours & Tickets bus transfer. The bus departs from De Ruijterkade, 34 (the opposite side of the Central train station of Amsterdam).

Travel time to Keukenhof is around 45 minutes. The price (from € 35) includes entrance to Keukenhof and round-trip by bus. Book tickets online >>

Taking this transfer bus is actually the cheapest way to get to Keunkenhof from Amsterdam. The price € 35 is valid for transfers after 15:00.

Keukenhof transfer bus from Amsterdam

The bus departing from the This is Holland experience (). Just take a free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station to the opposite side of the IJ, where “This is Holland” is a 2-minute walk away.

Travel time to Keukenhof is around 45 minutes. The price (from € 39,50) includes entrance to Keukenhof and round-trip by bus. Book tickets online >>

Keukenhof shuttle bus from Amsterdam

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by bus (public transport)

In 2024 you can also take Keukenhof Express bus line 852 from Amsterdam RAI/ Europaplein which will take you to the Keukenhof entrance.

You can plan your door-to-door journey using a free Glimble app.

Travel to Keukenhof by public transport 2024

Keukenhof travel options in 2024. Source:

You can book Keukenhof combi-tickets (entrance + return bus ticket from Amsterdam) for € 36,50. In 2024 prior reservation is required for all tickets.

The time that you choose during the booking process is based on departure with the express bus 852 from Europaplein/RAI Amsterdam. All buses departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot can be taken.

Please note: You will need a separate public transport ticket to travel from Amsterdam center to Amsterdam RAI by metro line 52. I amsterdam city card is also valid in metro.

The first Keukenhof bus from Amsterdam RAI departs at 07:30, and the last return bus to Amsterdam departs from Keukenhof at 19:45.

Alternatively, you can travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof via Schiphol airport. A combi-ticket from Schiphol costs € 31.

There are two ways to travel from Amsterdam to Schiphol:

  1. You can take a train from Amsterdam Centraal station to Schiphol station. This ticket is not included into the combi-ticket price.
  2. You can take bus 397 from Amsterdam Museumplein to Schiphol. You also need a separate ticket for this trip.

At Schiphol you have to take bus line 858 Keukenhof Express Schiphol – Amsterdam.

Check the Keukenhof Express FAQ here >>

Approximate travel times by Keukenhof Express are:

Tours from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof gardens

You can also take a Keukenhof guided tour from Amsterdam. Prior booking required.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by train

There is no train station directly next to Keukenhof. Buy you might still want to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof by train if you plan to visit tulip fields around Hillegom train station.

This is how you can travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof by train + bus:

1. Take a train from Amsterdam Centraal to Leiden Centraal (a return ticket from Amsterdam costs € 22,20 in 2024).

2. At Leiden Centraal station change to the bus line 854 (Leiden – Keukenhof express). Combi-ticket from Leiden (entrance + return transfer) costs € 31,50.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by car

The Keukenhof gardens are located between Amsterdam and Leiden. To plan your route use Keukenhof’s address in your navigation: Stationsweg 166A, Lisse.

It will take you around 40 minutes (sometimes more depending on the traffic) to drive from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. Parking near Keukenhof in 2024 costs € 10 a day. Parking tickets are available online.

Keukenhof Parking 2024

From Schiphol airport to Keukenhof

Planning to go to the gardens directly from Schiphol? Check it out how to get to Keukenhof from the airport >>

Can I take taxi from Amsterdam to Keukenhof?

Yes, you can book private taxi transfer from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. The price starts from € 96 one way. Make a reservation online >>

Keukenhof tickets prices in 2024:

Keukenhof combi-tickets (entrance + return bus ticket) in 2024 cost:

In 2024 you need to book tickets to Keukenhof with a time-slot online.

In 2024 the Keukenhof gardens are open every day from 21 March untill 12 May, from 08:00 till 19:30.

Planning your visit to Keukenhof? Make sure you book a hotel in advance as in April – May the Netherlands are popular among visitors. Check out our tips: Hotels near Keukenhof: where to stay?

Last updated: 1 April 2024

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  1. We would like to visit the gardens on the 21/05/2017, my wife is in a wheelchair and cannot climb stairs into a bus or combi. She can help herself into the front seat of a saloon car, is it possible to visit the gardens by taxi and is there a discount for disabled persons?

    • Hi Stan. Yes, you can definitely travel to the Keukenhof gardens by taxi. It till take you to the main entrance as no vehicles with the exception of a wheelchair, walker, pram or baby buggy are allowed inside the park. Keukenhof offers good access for wheelchairs and has plenty of disabled toilet facilities. You can also rent an electric wheelchair (costs €10 per day, requires a security deposit of €20 in cash). You can reserve a wheelchair up to the day before your visit at 17:00 at the latest.

      Unfortunately, there is no discount for disabled persons.

  2. Hi there – We’re so excited to be coming to Amsterdam to see the tulips. We will be taking the bus upon landing from Schipol Airport to Keukenhof. Thereafter, can we take a bus from Keukenhof to Amsterdam without having to return to Schipol? Please let me know if that is included in the combi ticket and which bus I can take from Keukenhof to Amsterdam Centrum where my hotel is located. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Julie,
      There are two types of combi tickets:
      – from/to Schiphol, Hoofddorp, Haarlem, Leiden, region Bollenstreek, it costs €25
      – from/to Amsterdam, it costs €30
      You can use the first one to go back to any of the places listed in the first line, but not to Amsterdam.

      However you can buy single tickets from the bus driver. A one-way ticket costs €5 in the bus 858 from Schiphol and €7 in the bus 852 to Amsterdam RAI.

      • I am getting a bit confused. What is the best way to get from Central Station Amsterdam to Keukenhof – balancing cost and ease. My daughter will be 7 months pregnant and have a five year old too

  3. we are taking a cruise and arriving in Rotterdam, what is the best way to get to gardens. I would want to hire an electric wheelchair, can I book one in advance. Also when looking at the site earlier I saw electric buggy’s for hire, do u know anything about the hire of these please, many thanks

  4. Hi,
    Can i use the combi ticket of 30 euro to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof and same ticket to travel from Keukenhof to Schiphol

  5. We are staying at Luxer Hotel and which station will be closest for us to board the bus to KEUKENHOF GARDENS? Thanks.

  6. Hi, do we have to print out our combi-tickets to Keukenhof, or can we show them on our phones? we are traveling and don’t have easy access to a printer.

  7. Hi, we are wanting to visit the gardens, but do not want to be gone all day. We want a tour that’s less than five hours. Is that possible? Thanks!

    • I would say 5 hours including travel is not such a long time for the gardens, I haven’t seen any shorter trips. But travelling independently is always an option. Keukenkof Express buses depart 4-12 times an hour.

  8. We are planning to visit tomorrow and purchased the combi ticket

    Can we catch the bus from any bus stop? or do we have to catch our bus from the specific station? e.g. 397 Bus. Does it have to be from Centrum Station? or any bus stop?

  9. Hello, is it possible to take the GVB metro M52 & the 852 bus or the 397 bus & 858 bus from Amsterdam Central station to Keukenhof using the Conboticket(€30)?
    Thank you!

    • This combi-ticket is valid in buses 397, 852, 858, but not in metro line M52. For the shortest route combinations please check the travel scheme in the article or in the previous comment above.

  10. Is cash accepted in the Keukenhof express bus to buy single or two way ticket to the gardens? I have bought the entry ticket fo the gardens and also have a gvb pass. Looking for a best possible way to reach there.

  11. We want to cycle to Keukenhof park from Amsterdam
    We want to get a train or public transport to get back to the city centre with our bikes. What’s the best option please?

  12. If I purchase a €30 combi-ticket, can I use it to travel to the gardens from Schiphol and then after the visit, use it to travel into Amsterdam centre? Thanks for your help.

  13. Hello!
    How is best way to get the keukenhof gardens with a wheelchair from Amsterdam ,me and my husband we would like to visit this month.
    By train or bus is impossible for us

    • In general, Keukenhof Express buses are accessible to the passengers in a wheelchair. There is a special space in the central part of the bus enough for 2 wheelchairs. Tours & Tickets (please check their FAQ about accessibility here) also say “We can bring your wheelchair on the bus as long as it can be folded. Please note that electric wheelchairs do not fit on the bus”. If these are still not an option, I guess the best possibility is a private transfer.

  14. From KeuKenhof to AMS CS, Where I buy the single ticket for Bus 852?
    Or I can pay direct to the bus driver of 852?

    • You can buy ticket directly from the driver. But please note that bus line 852 departs from Amsterdam RAI, not Amsterdam CS.

  15. hello! can we use the “i amsterdam city ticket” to travel from amsterdam-keukenhof-amsterdam?

  16. Where do you wait the 852 bus once you exit the Europlatien stop? Will signs direct you to the bus stop or Is there a landmark near the bus stop?

  17. I have a 5/6 hr layover in amsterdam on may 23rd/2020, are the tulips still available to be seen then? If so how much does a taxi cost approximately to come directly from the city centre?

    • In 2020 the Keukenhof gardens are open from 21 March till 10 May. Tulips in the field will also most probably be cut by that time.

    • 18:42.

      You can plan your trip to and from the Keukenhof gardens with the trip planner (website or app). You will immediately receive travel advice from your departure address.

  18. Is it easy to find a taxi at the end of the day to return to Amsterdam from Keukenhof? Also, is it possible to use UBER to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof and back?
    Please let us know. Thank you.

    • I cannot tell you for sure. As a local, I don’t have much experience of going to Keukenhof by taxi. But Lisse, where the gardens are located, is a small place, and it’s quite far from Amsterdam. So I wouldn’t count on the possibility of finding a taxi on the spot and would book it in advance.

      No idea about uber, sorry.

  19. Is it possible to hire an electronic wheelchair to go round Keukenhof. The traveller would be coming in via DFDS ferry and DFDS transport to the park, so would need to collect wheelchair at the park.

    • Use of electric wheelchairs is allowed at Keukenhof. But unfortunally electric wheelchairs are not available for rent at the park itself.
      Manual wheelchairs are available for rent for €5 in the Keukenhof ticketshop.

  20. I have already bought my entrance tickets but it doesn’t seem to be possible to book only the 852 bus online how do I travel there?

  21. Hello
    We plan on visiting May 10 this year. Will we see standing tulips or will the fields be cut? If so, will there be standing tulips to see in the garden? Thanks so much

    • Hello Bill! On May 10 tulips in the fields will probably be already cut. The farmers are growing them for the bulbs, so blooming flowers don’t stay in the fields too long.

      But in the gardens everything will most probably be in its greatest shape! Here are a few photos taken at Keukenhof on May 9, 2017:

      Keukenhof in May

      Keukenhof blooming tulips in May

      Keukenhof tulips photo

      Have a nice visit to Keukenhof!

  22. Hello,

    does somebody know, if bus 300 is included in the combi-ticket? It is stated on the Keukenhof website and also visible on the map at the top of this page.

    But in the confirmation mail only the busses 397 and 341 are mentioned. This is quite confusing.

    Thank you!

  23. Hello,
    I’m booking 5 Keukenhof combi-tickets. My young 2 daughters have the EYCA card. Are there some discounts for them?

    • Hello Giovanna, there is no information about a discount for the EYCA card holders on the Keukenhof official website. So I guess not.
      Maybe you can also check the EYCA card website if they have any information.

  24. Hi, if we book the 42.5 tickets with the shuttle,
    1. When does the shuttle leave for keukenhof?
    2. When does the shuttle leave back to Amsterdam?
    3. Does it include a guide? In what way?
    4. Is there a maximum time to be in the gardens?

  25. Hi,
    We are staying in the centre of Amsterdam. Are there as many Keukenhof Express buses going from RAI as going from Schiphol Airport, ie. is there any advantage going from the airport?

    • Hi Barry,
      That’s a good question, thanks!
      Keukenhof Express buses from Amsterdam RAI depart up to 8 times per hour, and Keukenhof Express buses from Schiphol – up to 6 times per hour.

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