Amsterdam airport Schiphol to Keukenhof: travel by bus

Planning to go to Keukenhof directly from the airport? During the Keukenhof opening season (21 March – 12 May 2024) you can travel by the Keukenhof Express (bus line 858). It will take you from Schiphol airport to the gardens entrance.

Tickets for Keukenhof + bus for the 2024 season are available online.

How to find the bus 858 in Schiphol?

The Keukenhof Express departs from the bus stop outside Schiphol Plaza. There are numerous direction signs, so you will easily find it at the spot.

Book bus tickets to Keukenhof from Schiphol, Keukenhof Express

How to travel to Keukenhof from Schiphol airport?

How much does a bus ticket cost?

A combi-ticket (entrance + return travel by bus) in 2024 costs € 31,50 for adults and € 18 for kids.

Combi-ticket includes:
  • skip-the-line entrance to Keukenhof (regular price € 20)
  • return bus trip Schiphol – Keukenhof – Schiphol by bus 858 (Keukenhof express)

The time you choose during the booking process is based on the departure of the bus. All buses departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot can be taken. For the buses back there are no timeslots. You can take any bus you want.

Holland Explorer Tip! If you are running late, you can still take a bus later, because in fact in 2024 the combi-ticket is valid all day.

Please note that Keukenhof combi tickets are sold with a 30 minutes interval. While the public transport is operating on their own schedule. The best way to see the exact departure times is via the Arriva official app called Glimble.

Travel from Schiphol to Keukenhof

Not sure about your arrival time?

If you travel to Keukenhof as soon as you arrive to the Netherlands, it can be difficult to plan your departure time. If you want to have flexible departure time, it can be a good option to buy the Amsterdam & Region Travel ticket. Later you can also use it in public transport in Amsterdam and for travelling to the Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Haarlem and many other places around Amsterdam.

You can pick up your pre-paid Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket at vending machines (grey, red and blue) at Schiphol plaza.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket map in 2023

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket map in 2024. You can find a full-size image at official website. Learn more about ARTT >>

Another good option is the Tulip Festival Card (from € 55 in 2024), a combi-ticket which includes:

  • Keukenhof entrance ticket
  • Amsterdam & Region Travel ticket for 1 – 3 days
  • Two audio tours, including the guide for cycling through the flower fields near Keukenhof
  • 10% discount on your next booking (you can use it to book museum tickets)

This card includes everything you need to enjoy Keukenhof and the flower fields. It also includes transportation to the Keukenhof without timeslots, which gives you extra flexibility while planning your trip.

Book the Tulip Festival Card online >>

Travel time from Schiphol to Keukenhof

An average travel time from Schiphol airport to Keukenhof is 30 – 35 minutes. Please mind that during the peak season (end of April – beginning of May) and during the weekends there can be traffic jams on the way to Keukenhof.

You check departure times and directions real-time with a free Glimble app. It’s an official app of the Arriva company, which operates Keukenhof Express buses:

You will receive real-time travel advice (timetable and the route options) from your departure location.

What time does the first bus from Schiphol depart?

The first bus from Schiphol Airport to Keukenhof  departs at 7:30. The last bus back is at 19:55.

Can I use my GVB ticket in the Keukenhof Express?

No, bus 858 is operated by Arriva. Your GVB ticket, as well as I Amsterdam city card won’t be valid in the bus.

However you can use Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket. It is valid in the bus lines:

What types of tickets are valid in the Keukenhof Express?
Is bus 858 accessible to passengers in a wheelchair?

Yes, it is.

Does the bus 858 have any in between stops?

No, it is a direct and nonstop bus that brings you to the main entrance of Keukenhof.

More questions about your trip to Keukenhof from Schiphol?

Please ask in comments!

See you in the Keukenhof gardens!

Book tickets from Schiphol to Keukenhof

Last updated: 17 March 2024


  1. If we take the 858 bus directly from the airport to the gardens, will there be a place to store our luggage on either the bus or at the gardens until we are done touring?

  2. Is there space on the bus 858 to put our luggage (1 large roller duffel each) when we travel to and from the Gardens? We would store our luggage at the Gardens while visiting. Thank you!

    • You can take your luggage to the bus 858. But please keep in mind that it’s a regular, not a touring bus. It doesn’t have a special luggage compartment, so you will need to take your bags in the bus full with people.

  3. My husband will be travelling on a small electric mobility scooter( (same size as a wheelchair) will he be able to board bus to u

    • Here are the general rules of Arrive transport company which operates the bus 858.

      Voorwaarden vervoer rolstoel:

      Voor het vervoer van een rolstoel in onze bussen en treinen gelden de Europese richtlijnen. Bekijk de algemene voorwaarden stads- en streekvervoer voor meer informatie.

      De rolstoel is niet groter dan 120 cm lang, 70 cm breed en 109 cm hoog.
      Het gezamenlijk gewicht van de rolstoel en passagier is niet meer dan 250 kilo.
      Scootmobiels zijn in de bus niet toegestaan.

      It says that wheelchairs of certain sizes can board the bus, but mobility scooters unfortunately not.

  4. Hello… We are a group of 20 travelling to Tel Aviv, Israel with 9 hours layover in Amsterdam. We want to visit Keukenhoef Gardens. Is there a bus just for us that we can hire so that we do not have to line up. I was there in 2014 and the line up was long except that I requested the kind guard that I wanted to go inside if no one else wanted because I am used to standing in our TTC here in Toronto. He was kind enough to let me in so that I saved time. Thanks.

    • Hello, you can try making inquiries at the companies offering private bus transfers or bus companies like Flixbus who rent busses with a driver. I hope they can help.

      P.S. I see that Flixbus also gives a possibility to get a quote and book a bus online. The price depends on the number of passengers and duration of the rental period.

  5. Hi. If we buy the combi ticket can we use the return trip on another day (i.e., we might want to stay an additional day near Keukenhof)?

  6. hello,
    I already purchased the keukenhof entrance ticket but i am looking to pre book online for express bus return ticket only. All that i have read is about combi ticket. How to purchase only the bus ticket

    • For 10 euros you can purchase a day ticket for Bus 858 (Schiphol Airport – Keukenhof) or 854 (Leiden – Keukenhof) from the Keukenhof Express bus driver. You cannot pay with cash on the bus, only with card.

  7. Greetings from Malaysia! We will be travelling with our pet dog a toy poodle and would like visit Keukenhof. Is pet allowed on the Arriva bus?

    • Keukenhof Express bus (number 858 from Schiphol and 854 from Leiden Central Station) is direct and non-stop. However you can use a combi-ticket in a regular bus number 50 (to/from Haarlem) which has numerous stops on its route.

  8. Hello, is it possible to take the 858 bus from Schiphol to Keukenhof using the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket? And what is the schedule for bus number 858?

  9. Hi, we’ll be there on the weekend of the king’day. Is it better to visit Keukenhof as soon as we arrive at Schiphol airport on Saturday morning (9.30am)? or Sunday? Is it better to take the bus or train from Schiphol to Amsterdam (Leidseplein) if it’s Saturday 27 April. thank you so much

    Hallo, we zijn er in het weekend van de king’day. Is het beter om Keukenhof te bezoeken zodra we op zaterdagochtend (9.30 uur) op Schiphol aankomen? of zondag? Is het beter om de bus of trein van Schiphol naar Amsterdam (Leidseplein) te nemen als het zaterdag 27 april is. Heel erg bedankt

    • On Saturday (King’s day) it will probably be less crowded in Keukenhof because many people will stay in cities to celebrate the King’s day. It’s better to travel directly from Schiphol because on the King’s day transport inside Amsterdam is working with limitations.

  10. Are the combi tickets (for entrance and travel) only available online or is it possible to purchase them at the bus driver ?

  11. Can I use combo ticket to travel from Schipol airport to Keukenhof and back to Harlem instead of airport? Thanks

  12. vorrei sapere se con la amsterdam & region ticket posso utilizzare gratuitamente il bus 858 dall’aeroporto di Schipol o devo acquistare un biglietto a parte
    inoltre vorrei sapare da quale giorno di marzo è attivo tale servizio bus
    (mi rispondi anche su mail pf?)

  13. Good afternoon,
    I would like to ask you for advice. We are group around 10 people. We are planning to visit Keukenhof from Schiphol at 13 th of April. Please give me information, bus from Schiphol goes from morning every hour? Is there big que to get to buses? Or its better to buy tickets online? Thank you for information. Best regards Lucie Šafářová

  14. Since I understand Bus 50 from Haarlem does not travel directly to the Gardens entrance, how close to the Keukenhof entrance does it get? Where is the bus stop?

    • You need to travel to the bus stop De Nachtegaal, Lisse. The gardens entrance is 10 – 15 minutes walk from there.

  15. Hi, I dont know if there is any “rainy day policy”, so I think I will buy the ticket at the airport. About this, two questions, do you know where exactly can I get it at Schiphol Airport? and the other one, Do I have to considerer a long waiting time in line to get the bus at airport? I will be in Amsterdam just for a layover of 7 hs, that is why I ask. Thank you! Francisco.

    • Yes, you can get the tickets at the airport. I don’t know the exact location, but usually direction signs in Schiphol are very clear.
      The lines can be huge, depending on the day and weather.

  16. I was looking for information about travelling to Keukenhof and found this very helpful thread. Thank you for helping us.
    My question is about combi-ticket. We are a famly of 4 with 2 kids. We are planning to leave from Amsterdam, Europaplein/RAI taking bus 852 to Keukenhof and leave by bus 858 to Schiphol. While the kids ticket has all the destinations, the Adult has sperate tickets for Amsterdam Europaplein(€30) and other destinations(€25).
    We are happy to pay for the higher price tickets, but not sure if bus driver will allow us to return to a different destination.
    Hope I’ve explained clear enough.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Xin, yes, I understand the question, but unfortunatelly I don’t have an answer to it.
      Personally I think this should not be a problem, especially because you pay a higher price. But there is no official confirmation on the Keukenhof or Arriva websites.
      I will be in Keukenhof this week. If I manage to get more information, I will publish an update there.
      Have a nice trip!

      • Thanks for your lightning reply.
        Please don’t feel obliged.
        We can still buy the entrance tickets online and buy the bus tickets from the drivers.

        • I bought the €30 combi ticket. And it says:
          Welcome to Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring park in the world.
          This Combiticket is your ticket to Keukenhof. Moreover, it entitles you to transport to and from Keukenhof with the following busses. Check out for the
          nearest bus stop and departure times.
          • Bus 50 station Haarlem – Keukenhof (there and back)
          • Bus 90 Katwijk/Noordwijk – Keukenhof (there and back)
          • Bus 300 Amstelveen – station Hoofddorp (there and back)
          • Bus 340 Uithoorn/Aalsmeer – station Hoofddorp (there and back)
          • Bus 341 station Amsterdam-Zuid – station Hoofddorp (there and back)
          • Bus 397 Amsterdam centrum – station Hoofddorp (there and back)
          • Keukenhof Express Bus 852 metro station Europaplein (RAI)- Keukenhof (there and back)
          • Keukenhof Express Bus 854 station Leiden Centraal – Keukenhof (there and back)
          • Keukenhof Express Bus 858 Schiphol Airport – Keukenhof (there and back)
          • Keukenhof Express Bus 859 station Hoofddorp – Keukenhof (there and back)

        • Hi Xin, thanks a lot for sharing! Many people have the same question as you, so it’s very helpful for other travellers. Thanks!

  17. hello, I bought 3 combo tickets from your site, me and my family. I received 3 tickets with a single number. Will this be a problem .

    • No, this is no problem. The number on top of your ticket is your order number. It’s the same for all tickets within one order.
      At the bottom of each ticket you see a barcode. They are unique for every ticket. These barcodes will be scanned in the bus and at the park entrance.

  18. Hello, do you know if I can use the combi-ticket to board the bus from a bus stops along the arriva bus 50 line instead of boarding at Haarlem station? The bus stop I am saying is the Haarlem Dreef bus stop as it is the closest bus stop to the place where I will be staying

  19. Hello, your thread is awesome,thanks for all advices! We are in three and have a flight layover of 4-4,30 hours. We would like to make a short visit to the Park and come back to Airport. In the worst case of crowded lines I was planning to take a taxi to take us faster. Is it possíble from your experience to do that(traffic jams on sunny days) ? We know it won’t be possíble to see much but,still we think it’s worth it to try without missing our next flight. Thank you!

    • Hi, the gardens and the roads are the most crowded in the weekend and between 11 and 15 o’clock. So your travel time depends on the time of your visit. But I think 4 – 4,5 hours should still be ok for a short visit.

  20. I will be reaching Amsterdam on April 13th 9.30 am and planing to head to Keukenhof garden straight from airport and plan to see the Flower parade in Keukenhof where it is be around 3.30pm. After the parade I will go back to Amsterdam City center. Considering the flower parade, will there be any distrubance in bus service in the morning and what would be the traffic after parade as many people will travel.

  21. Could you Pl suggest alternate travel for keukenhof . The keukenhof express bus departs at 8am. Whereas the garden opens at 8am. We have a tight schedule. So would prefer to reach the garden by 8am. Also we will be purchasing the Amsterdam and REGION Travel Ticket. Awaiting your reply. Thks in advance. Regards

    • You can travel via Haarlem. The first bus to Keukenhof (line 50) departs at 07:10. Combi-ticket is valid in this bus. According to the Keukenhof official website, Amsterdam and Region Travel ticket is valid too.

  22. We will be 4 adults staying at Zandfoort ann see. The first 2 days we will be going to museums in Amsterdam then 3rd day to Keukenhof. Is it better, for time and economy, for us to buy Amsterdam and region tickets for 3 days and pay for the entrance to Keukenhof, or to take 2 days travel ticket then buy a combiticket from Haarlem to visit Keukenhof on 3rd day?.

  23. I want to buy a combi ticket for travel to Keukenhof from the Hoofddrop station. When I go to the ticketbar website I see tickets for “Transfer from Amsterdam”, “Transfer from Schiphol”, “Transfer from Haarlem”, “Transfer from Leiden”, but I don’t see “Transfer from Hoofddrop” listed. If I buy one of the listed combi tickets, for example “Transfer from Schiphol” would I be able to use that ticket to transfer from Hoofddrop instead?

    • Yes, combi-ticket which costs 25 euro is valid from Schiphol, Haarlem, Leiden, Hoofddorp and back.

  24. Hi!
    I saw information on official Keukenhof website that there will be no busses 858 to and from Keukenhof garden on April 13 2019. Can you verify this information?
    Thank you so much.

  25. Hi, am traveling to Amsterdam on 16 April and thinking of going to Keukenhof from airport directly. Is there a place in airport to keep my luggage and pick it on the way back.

  26. I’m planning to visit Keukenhof park today. I have already bought the Combiticket via internet. But I have found note that on Saturday 13 April 2019 there will be no buses to and from Keukenhof due to the Bloemencorso or flower float parade.
    Please advise how can I reach the park today? I want to see the flower float parade….

    • No. But I can say it only from my own experience. It can probably be organized different in other situations.

  27. Hello we have bought just the entrance ticket of keukenhof garden. Can I buy travel tickets directly from bus drivers? Can I buy direct tickets for any bus like 852,858 etc from drivers? What kind of card do I need to have credit card or regional Amsterdam travel card to pay to the driver? Thanks.

    • You can buy tickets directly from the driver in any of these buses. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or Maestro card.

  28. I plan to visit Keukenhof from Schiphol Airport on 22 April , which is Easter Monday
    Will this day be very crowded and traffic jam along the way ?
    Thank you

    • It will probably be crowded but not more than on any other weekend during the peak season (end of April – May).

  29. Hello
    I am coming from Schiphol to garden and after would like to go directly to Harleem. Can I buy combined ticket from the airport to the garden and still use it to go Harleem in stead of to the airport?

  30. Hi. Regarding payment by card directly to the driver: can we pay by debit card or only credit card? Thanks

  31. Hi, it is possible to buy a combo ticket € 25 and travel from Schipol to Keukenhof + return from Keyeknhof to
    Hoofddorp? Can you send link to schedule
    this Friday afternoon (from Schiphol tu Keukenhof. And from Keykenhof to Hoofddorp). Thank you.

  32. I see you are writing that bus line 50 (station Haarlem – Keukenhof) can also be used if you have the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket. Are you sure about this? I am asking, because bus line 50 is not shown on the map that can be downloaded from
    We are a group planning a trip in April this year, and a day trip Amsterdam-Haarlem-Keukenhof-Amsterdam would be nice.

    • Hi Mette, that’s a good question. Our information is based on 2019 experience. Then the bus line 50 was also not on the map. But on the Keukenhof official site it was written that Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is valid in this bus, and it really was.

      Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket, Keukenhof

      So far there’s no official information on this regard on the Keukenhof website. We expect it to be the same as last year, but, as an independent party, we cannot guarantee it. We’ll publish an update if something changes.

      • Before you answered, I also sent a private message asking the same question to the Facebook page of Arriva. The answer I got was the following:
        Hello Mette,
        This ticket is not valid on line 50 to Lisse. This is outside the Amsterdam region in another province.
        Kind regards, Wouter
        So maybe the ticket is not valid officially, but it is valid inofficially? (Or it was so, last year) … (I don’t think I would trust inofficial info from last year, though).

        • Thank you for your input.

          I wouldn’t completely trust Arriva social media guy either, especially if he says “This is outside the Amsterdam region in another province”. (Then why is it valid in the bus lines 858, 854, etc?).

          The most reliable source to will be the Keukenhof official website. It still has a limited amount of pages, but detailed travel instructions should follow soon.

    • Hi Mette,

      Here is a 2020 update from the Keukenhof official website:

      Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket and Holland Travel Ticket
      The Amsterdam Region Travel Tickets (ARTT) and Holland Travel Tickets (HTT) are valid on all Keukenhof Express bus lines (including regional bus line 50 Haarlem). The Amsterdam Travel Ticket (ATT) is not valid on these bus lines.

  33. Hello,
    Thank you for your input. I’m most interested in the tulip festival card, and need more information about the 1,2,3 day option. I will be flying into Schipol on the 10th in April at 15:00 and directly going to Keukenhof, then returning to Amsterdam. If I pick up my ticket at 13:00, how long is it valid for if I pick the 1,2,3 day option? I also plan to come back on Friday to rent a bicycle around the tulip farms. I assume the flower card will include transportation but not another entry to Keukenhof? Is the flower card with it If I don’t end up going to the museums or using the 15% discount? At what point is it better to stick with the Combi deal?

    • Hi Linda,
      The ticket is valid from the moment you first check in until 04.00 after the last day of validity.
      It includes one time entry in Keukenhof. Travel in the area (train, metro, tram and bus operated by GVB, Connexxion and EBS) is unlimited. So if you plan to travel a lot, this option is more attractive than the combi-ticket.
      I didn’t understand the question regarding the flower card. What do you mean?

  34. We already purchased skip the line tickets to the Keukenhof tulip garden park. Can we purchase just round-trip bus tickets?

    • Hi Marian, yes, this should be possible.

      According to the Keukenhof official website, you can buy:

      Day Ticket. There are Day Tickets for sale for all Keukenhof Express buses for €11.50 (except Bus 852: €16). These Day Tickets are €7.50 for children aged 4 – 11. These Day Ticket(s) or dagkaart(en) are only available from the OV [public transport] ticket shop.

      Bus tickets
      .You can also purchase a ticket from the bus driver on Bus 300, 341, 397, 50 and 90. The price depends on the distance you travel. Keep in mind that travelling with an OV-chipkaart or a Combiticket is much cheaper. You cannot pay for tickets in cash on the buses.

  35. thanks for the helpful post. after many years i’m (fingers crossed) headed to keukenhof in a couple of weeks on a long layover at ams. my plan as of now since i arrive at schipol in the morning is to take bus 858 to keukenhof, spend 3-5 hours there, then take busses back to my accommodation, near bennebroek on bus 50. likely take 50 and 300 back to schipol the next morning. Am I correct in thinking it makes sense to just buy tickets for each journey on the bus as I board by card? is there any disadvantage to just buying a ticket for 858 by card when i board (eg are those with combined keukenhof tickets put at the front of the line which means I would be lowest priority to board)? thanks again

    • Hi sam kim!

      It is possible to buy a ticket from the driver at the buses 50 and 300. But it’s not possible to buy it at 858 (also not in 852 and 854).

      The good this is that a combi ticket from Schiphol can also be used for return trip to other locations (Haarlem, Leiden). So if I was you, I would use a combi-ticket on the first day, and then just buy single tickets from the driver next morning.

      The system with timeslots for buses is new, it was only introduced this year. So I cannot say for sure how they will organize the boarding. But personally I don’t expect multiple lines. Just – again – to board in Schiphol, you need to have a ticket before entering the bus.

      Good luck and fingers crossed!

  36. i have the 3 day region ticket which I know I can use from Schipol to Keukenhof. Do I need to book a space on a bus (the 858) or is it just a queue

  37. Hello, I have already purchased tickets to visit Keukenhof on April 25th. These are entry tickets only (not combi tickets). I am staying in Haarlem and would like to travel to the gardens by bus 850/50. Is it possible to buy tickets online for the bus only or is it possible to purchase from the driver or bus station?

    • Hello Paul, the bus only tickets will be available online in the coming days. A return ticket from Haarlem costs € 12.

  38. Hi, I’m travelling through AMS on 15 May. I see the tickets close on 14 May. Any chance for me still seeing some flowers if I take a bus that side? Even if I can’t enter the gardens?

    • Hi! Yes, Keukenhof is open till 14 May, and most of the flowers in the fields are already being cut. So there is a small chance you will see some flowers, but I’m afraid there won’t be that much.

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