Visiting Keukenhof: where to stay?

Planning your visit to the Keukenhof gardens? Make sure you book a hotel well in advance as in April – mid-May the Netherlands are extremely popular among travelers. Tip: if you are looking for a hotel near Keukenhof, check offers in Lisse, Leiden, Haarlem or Noordwijk, and find a cosy room at an affordable price.

hotels in Lisse near KeukenhofLisse is a small town where Keukenhof is located. Nearby is the 17th-century Keukenhof Castle. Outside of town there are numerous bike paths that wind around flower fields. You can rent a bike near the Keukenhof gardens entrance (we advice to book it online in advance), explore the area and take great photos. An unforgettable experience and a good price! Check hotels in Lisse >>

Hotels in Noordwijk near KeukenhofNoordwijk and its seaside resort Noordwijk aan Zee are located just 12 km away from Keukenhof. It’s probably the best place to stay if you want to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the North sea beach and famous Dutch dunes. Direct bus 90 will take you from Noordwijk to the Keukenhof gardens in 35 minutes. Check hotels in Noordwijk aan Zee >>

Hotels in LeidenLeiden, the hometown of Rembrandt and Armin van Buuren, is a relatively big city, 20 km away from Keukenhof. You will find numerous museums, shops and restaurants here. There is a direct train connection between Leiden and Amsterdam, Haarlem and Den Haag. A special Keukenhof bus between Leiden and Keukenhof will be operating during the gardens’ opening season. Check hotels in Leiden >>

haarlem-grote-marktHaarlem is a perfect place to stay if you are coming to see the Flower Parade of the Bollenstreek. On 22 April 2023 the illuminated parade will arrive in Haarlem. On April 23 all the parade floats will be on display in the center of the city. A direct bus line 50 connects Haarlem and Lisse, and a direct train will take you to Amsterdam in 15 minutes. Check hotels in Haarlem >>

Keukenhof 2023 hotels in AmsterdamAnd of course staying in Amsterdam is always a good idea. You can visit museums, take a canal boat tour and feel the vibe of this city, famous for it’s freedom of expression and cultural heritage. A special bus from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof gardens will be operating the whole season. It will take you from Amsterdam center to the Keukenhof entrance. Check hotels in Amsterdam >>

See you in Keukenhof in 2024!

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