Keukenhof Express bus – 2025 FAQ

Taking the Keukenhof Express Arriva bus is the easiest way to travel to Keukenhof from Amsterdam, Schiphol airport, Haarlem and Leiden. Here is everything you need to plan your trip by Keukenhof Express.

In 2025 Keukenhof will be open from 20 March to 11 May. Book your hotel near Keukenhof in advance >>

You can plan your door-to-door journeys in the Netherlands by public and shared transport with a free Glimble app (official Arriva company’s app):

Keukenhof combi-tickets (entrance + return trip by the Keukenhof Arriva bus) for 2024 are available online.

Book Keukenhof Express (bus + entrance) tickets


Amsterdam Keukenhof bus

What is the Keukenhof Express?

Keukenhof Express is special shuttle bus operating during the Keukenhof opening season (from 21 March to 12 May 2024) between Keukenhof and:

Keukenhof Express buses are operated by the Arriva company.

Travel to Keukenhof by public transport 2024 by Keukenhof shuttle bus

Keukenhof travel options in 2024. Source:

Check the detailed travel instructions here:

Keukenhof Express tickets

Keukenhof combi-tickets (entrance + return bus ticket) in 2024 cost:

Book Keukenhof shuttle bus tickets online

Combi-tickets include the Keukenhof entrance tickets and return trip by bus.

Please note that Keukenhof combi tickets are sold with a 30 minutes interval. But the public transport operates on their own schedule. The best way to check the actual Keukenhof Express departure times is via the Arriva official app called Glimble.


If you want to have flexible departure time, you can travel with a usual OV-chipkaart (Dutch transport card) or Amsterdam & Region Travel ticket.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is valid for 1-3 days of unlimited travel by public transport in Amsterdam and surrounding areas (including Schiphol airport, Volendam, Edam, Marken, Zaanse Schans, Haarlem, Zandvoort and Keukenhof).

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket map in 2024

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket map in 2024. You can find a full-size image at official website. Learn more about ARTT >>

Prices in 2024:

Ticket valid for Price in 2024 Cost per day
1 day 21,00 € 21,00
2 days € 31,50 € 15,75
3 days € 40,50 € 13,50
Order Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket online >>

The ticket is valid from the first time you check in until 04:00 hours after the last valid day.

Another option is Tulip Festival Card, a combi that includes:

The price of the Tulip Festival card depends on the visitor’s age and card duration.

Card valid for Adults Kids Book the card online
1 day € 55 € 45 Book online >>
2 days € 66 € 57 Book online >>
3 days € 78 € 66 Book online >>

Learn more about the Tulip Festival card >>

Can I buy Keukenhof combi-tickets in the bus?

No, you can’t buy Keukenhof combi-tickets from the driver.

You purchase a travel ticket from the bus driver only on buses 300, 341, 397, 50 and 90. The price depends on the distance you travel (travelling with an OV-chipkaart, OV-pay or a combi-ticket is much cheaper). You cannot pay in cash on the buses in the Netherlands.

Book Keukenhof express bus tickets

What types of tickets are valid in the Keukenhof Express?

The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is a good option if you are planning to visit other places (Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Haarlem, Zandvoort, etc.) and use public transport in Amsterdam.

The advantage of the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is that you can take any Keukenhof Express bus, it’s doesn’t have a fixed departure time and gives you more flexibility.

Types of tickets valid in the Keukenhof bus

What is the price of travelling by Keukenhof Express with the OV-chipcard?

According to the travel planner, the price a single trip with the OV-chipcard is:

  • Amsterdam RAI – Keukenhof – € 17,20
  • Schiphol – Keukenhof – € 11,20
  • Leiden – Keukenhof – € 10
  • Haarlem – Keukenhof (bus 50) – €3,70

Keukenhof bus departures/ timetable

What is the price of bus only tickets to Keukenhof?

From Amsterdam RAI, a return bus trip costs € 17. A single bus trip from/to Amsterdam RAI costs € 8,50.

From Schiphol, Haarlem or Leiden Keukenhof Express bus return ticket costs € 12, and a single trip ticket costs € 6.

You can buy bus only tickets via the official Arriva company app – Glimble:

Can I use my GVB ticket in the Keukenhof Express?

No, the bus line 858 is operated by Arriva. Your GVB ticket, as well as I Amsterdam city card won’t be valid in the bus.

However you can use Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket. It is valid in the bus lines:

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is also valid for 1-3 days of unlimited travel by bus, tram, metro and train in Amsterdam and surrounding areas (including Volendam, Edam, Marken, Zaanse Schans, Haarlem, Zandvoort and Keukenhof. Great option is you are planning to travel a lot!

Order Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket online >>

You can also use the Tulip Festival Card, which is a combi of Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket, the Keukenhof entrance ticket, audio guides and discount codes.

Amsterdam Travel Ticket is not valid in any of these bus lines.

Keukenhof Express bus timetable in 2024

You can easily plan your trip with a free Glimble app. It’s an official app of the Arriva company, which operates Keukenhof Express buses:

You will receive real-time travel advice (timetable and the route options) from your departure location.

Keukenhof Express timetable and travel times in 2024
Bus line First bus to Keukenhof Last bus from Keukenhof Travel time Tickets
852 Amsterdam RAI – Keukenhof 7:30 19:45 35 minutes Book online >>
858 Schiphol – Keukenhof 7:30 19:45 35 minutes Book online >>
854 Leiden – Keukenhof 7:45 19:55 25 minutes Book online >>
50/850 Haarlem – Keukenhof bus 50: 05:54
bus 850: 10:06
bus 50: 23:22
bus 850: 17:30
40-50 minutes Book online >>

Please note:

  • We’ve double-checked first bus to Keukenhof and last bus departure times as of 21 March 2024. Please consult the official Arriva Glimble app on the day of your travel for the most up-to-date travel advice.
  • Travel times can vary depending on the road situation.

Book tickets

Does the Keukenhof Express have any in between stops?

No, it is a direct and nonstop bus that brings you to the main entrance of Keukenhof.

Can I take a return Keukenhof bus to another location?

Are you arriving to Keukenhof from Schiphol and want to go back to Amsterdam or Leiden? The following rules apply to the return trip by Keukenhof express:

Keukenhof Express return bus from Keukenhof

Is the Keukenhof Express accessible to passengers in a wheelchair and mobility scooter?

Yes, it is accessible to the passengers in a wheelchair. You can travel in the Keukenhof Express bus in a wheelchair, as long as it does not exceed the allowed dimensions (120 cm long, 70 cm wide, 109 cm high).

There is a special space for wheelchairs and buggies in the central part of the bus. It’s enough for 1 wheelchair or 2 buggies. Passengers in wheelchairs have priority over buggies.

Mobility scooters are not allowed in the bus.

Are dogs allowed in Arriva Keukenhof Express?

Yes, small dogs are allowed in the Keukenhof Express. The dog is supposed to be on a leash and may not occupy a seat. You can keep the dog on your seat or on the ground. Small dogs can travel in the bus for free.

Keukenhof express bus 2024

Can I store my luggage in the Keukenhof Express?

No, the Keukenhof Express is a regular line bus, not a tourist coach. Which means the bus will leave as soon as it takes you to Keukenhof.

You can leave your luggage in the lockers or storage facilities near the Keukenhof entrance.

Keukenhof Express bus, book tickets
See you in the Keukenhof gardens in 2024!

Last updated: 26 March 2024

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  1. What time does the 858 AMS-Keukenhof Express begin service?
    What time of day?
    My flight arrives at 7:30 AM.

    • In 2019 it used to operate from 08:00 AM. The Keukenhof Express bus schedule for 2020 is not live yet, but I guess it will be something around this time again.

  2. When you purchase a combi ticket do you need to travel and go to the gardens on the same day or can you travel to and from on different day and visit the gardens on another day?

    • In general, the ticket is meant to be used for a day trip to Keukenhof.
      It’s better to ask the service providers (Keukenhof and Arriva) directly if it will work the way you need it.

    • I’m not sure when (and if) Keukenhof will publish the .pdf brochures with the bus schedules this year. But you can already check it via the travel planner (website or app).

    • Hi Anne,

      It is not possible to book Keukenhof express Arriva tickets at the moment, and the timetable for 2022 is also not available yet. More information will follow soon (hopefully in the coming two weeks)!

  3. Hello, I booked a ticket for entrance to the park. I just got the entry but do not have transportation and will need to take the 852 bus, and will be coming from Museumplein. I’m wondering what to do – I can’t figure out how to buy just transportation…Thanks in advance :).

    • Hello! You can buy a bus only ticket. They are now available online. After you pick the date and time, there will be an option to book Adult (12+) – Day Ticket Bus only. Have a nice visit to Keukenhof!

  4. Is it possible to use the Combi ticket to leave on a different bus than when I arrived? I am leaving from Amsterdam so wanted to purchase the 852 combi ticket, but after the gardens I will go straight to AMS airport for my flight – so would I be able to then take the 858 on return instead of the 852?

      • hi.. is there any update on this? we are planning to request for a different bus coming back.. we take the (our combi-ticket) Amsterdam RAI to Keukonhof.. but we need to be in Leiden after the visit. is it possible to take the Keukenhof express going to Leiden on our return? Thanks a lot!

  5. When I book the Keukenhof combi-tickets, I realized that the return ticket must be used on the same day. We plan to stay in Lisse for a few days. The return time would be the first bus 25.4.2022 from Keukenhf to the Airport. Is this possible on bus line 585?
    I couldn’t find a bus schedule. When will the buses start in either direction in the morning?

    • Hi Ene! You’re absolutely right, with a combi-ticket the return ticket must be used on the same day.

      You can check the bus schedule here – There is no schedule for 25 April 2022 yet, but the schedule for Monday 18 April 2022 says that the first Keukenhof Express bus 858 departs from Keukenhof at 08:35. Next buses depart every 10 minutes.

      According to the travel planner, there is also a direct Arriva bus 361 from Lisse to Schiphol. It departs starting from 05:12 in the morning. It’s a regular bus, so there you can probably buy a ticket from the driver.

  6. I wish to take the Keukenhof express bus from Leiden central, and then from Keukenhof to Europaplein. Is this possible with an OV chipkaart?

    • Hi Aurora! Yes, you can travel in both buses with an OV chipkaart. website can show you what your journey will cost.

  7. I plan on travelling on the Keukenhof Express with an Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket. Since you don’t book a seat, what are the chances that the bus will be full?

    • Hi Anna, it should be OK. There’s no seat reservation at the Keukenhof express, there’s only time-slot booking for the crowd control. With the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket you just stand in queue and enter any bus on the day(s) when your ticket is valid.

  8. Bought a combi ticket for April 2023 can I arrive in keukeoff garden at any time slot with this ticket? Because I rented bikes first upon arrival and was planning on going in park after. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Minta!
      That’s a good question, because according to the rules you have to take a bus within the indicated time-slot. As far as I know there’re no rules when you have to actually enter the park. But to be sure I would contact the official Keukenhof customer support team and ask them if it’s allowed to enter any time.

  9. Hi! As I’m planning to go to Zaanse Schans and use public transportation in Amsterdam, buying an Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket 3 days + Entry ticket to Keukenhof is much cheaper. However, I am worried about not booking a time schedule for the Express Bus to Keukenhof. Do you know if that can be a problem?
    Also, on the website they say Keukenhof ticket + Keukenhof Express Bus trip from Amsterdam RAI is 36€ and a return trip is 17€. This doesn’t mean I have to buy and schedule the return ticket?

    • Hi Irene! No, don’t worry, they are not sold out. Probably there’s a technical issue. They should be available in the coming days.

  10. Hi, I am just wondering how strict the rules are around dogs on the Keukenhof Express? I noticed it only mentions small dogs but we are really hoping we could bring a well behaved Labradoodle. Thanks!

    • Hi Cat!

      These are the rules from the Arriva (operating bus company) website:

      Travelling with pets

      Small pets carried in a bag or basket can travel free of charge on trains and buses. Dogs are allowed on public transport, but the following rules apply:

      – Dogs can travel free of charge on buses but must be kept on a short leash.
      – Dogs can travel free of charge on trains if they are carried on a passenger’s lap.
      – To take a larger dog on the train, you need to purchase an NS Dagkaart Hond dog day ticket.
      – The dog must not occupy a seat on the train or disturb other passengers.
      – Harnessed guide dogs travel free.

      The rest I think depends on the driver and on how crowded it is in the bus.

      I don’t have personal experience with dogs in the bus. But hope this helps!

  11. Hello, do 2 year olds also need a ticket on the Keukenhof express bus? The website just asks to select number of tickets it does not specify adults or children.

    • Hi! What website are you checking? Here you can select adult, kids or infant ticket (for 0 euro). But in general kids under 4 don’t need a ticket in public transport in the Netherlands.

  12. I have purchased a combi-ticket for bus+entrance and had to choose an arrival time. I cannot see how to book the Express bus from Schiphol. Questions/responses on the Keukenhof site and email to not answer my question.
    Also I cannot find the stops for the 397 bus going to Schiphol on a map. We are staying near the Rijksmuseum. Thank you

    • Hi Trish,
      When you buy a combi-ticket, you choose the departure time from the selected locaiton. So you don’t need to book anything extra for bus from Schiphol. That’s what Keukenhof website says:

      With a combi-ticket you only reserve the departure time for the outward journey with the Keukenhof Express bus, not the arrival time slot for your entrance at Keukenhof or your return journey.

      As for the bus stop – bus line 397 stops near Concertgebouw (this stop OR the other side of the street – please check on the spot). I would also recommend you to download Glimble app – it shows all travel directions (including walking routes to the closest bus stop).


      That’s how you can see it in Glimble app:

      Enjoy your visit to Keukenhof!

  13. Hi, I bought entrance tickets for 2adults and 1child.
    As we will use ARTT for 2 adults, so the transport to Keukenhof is included.
    But for child, we forgot to buy her express bus tickets with entrance ticket. Can we buy express bus ticket round trip separately for a child and the fare? Thanks!

    • Hi! I’ve checked several websites that sell tickets, including Keukenhof official website, Arriva (bus company) website and app. But unfortunately I don’t see kids bus-only tickets. They all sell only adult bus tickets. Can that be an option? Or maybe you can contact Arriva customer service and ask for solution? Good luck and have a nice trip to Keukenhof!

  14. Hi, i would like to ask if I miss my departure of the express time will I still be able to take the next bus? Thank you.

  15. are small mobility scooters allowed on the 852 or is there a luggage compartment that they can be put in

  16. Hi there. Is it possible to catch the Keukenhof bus with our regular OV chip cards and just buy the Keukenhof entrance tickets, or do we need to buy the tickets that include the bus tickets?

  17. Hello! I bought combi tickets with the bus departure from the RAI location, but our accommodations changed and it would now be much easier for me to travel from the schipol airport bus line. Do you know if I can use my combi ticket at a different bus departure location than the one I originally selected?

    • Hi! Honestly, I don’t know. My guess is that it’s possible, because it’s the same company (Arriva) and the ticket from Amsterdam is even more expensive than from Schiphol. But it’s better to double check it with Arriva, or your tickets provider, directly.

  18. Hi, If I go to Keukenhoof from Amsterdam RAI using ARTT and from Keukenhoof I plan to go to Leiden, can I buy an express bus ticket to Leiden in Keukenhoof or on the bus?

  19. Hi All,

    The timings written on the combi ticket are the departure time of the bus or the entry time in Keukenhof gardens? Thanks in advance.

    Many regards

    • Hi Rohit!

      These are departure times of the bus. You can take a bus departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot.

      Have a nice visit to Keukenhof!

  20. Hi there! We will be travelling to Keukenhof from the airport as soon as we arrive to the Netherlands. I booked the tickets, but I’m not sure if we will be in time. If we arrive later, can we still take the bus to Keukenhof?

  21. Hi, there!! Is it possible to get the refound of the tickets? I had a health problem and I cannot go to Amsterdam anymore. Thanks!

    • Hi Ricardo!

      Please contact the online tickets office/ website where you’re purchased the tickets. Most of the websites selling Keukenhof tickets allow cancellation until 96 hours before your visit date. They can arrange cancellation and refund for you.

      Get well soon!

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