Keukenhof bus 852 from Amsterdam: tickets and timetable

In 2024 you can travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof by the Keukenhof Express bus line 852, operated by Arriva. The bus departs from Amsterdam RAI (Europaplein metro station). Here you can find all information about the Keukenhof express bus 852 tickets, prices, timetable and directions.

Amsterdam – Keukenhof bus 852 tickets

In 2024 Keukenhof combi-tickets (entrance + return bus ticket from Amsterdam) cost:

In 2024 prior reservation is required for all Keukenhof tickets.

Tip! If Keukenhof combi tickets are sold out, check the Keukenhof entrance + shuttle bus tickets.

Departure times of Keukenhof bus 852

The time that you choose during the booking process is based on departure with the express bus 852 from Europaplein/Rai Amsterdam. All buses departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot can be taken.

Holland Explorer Tip! If you are running late, you can still take a bus later, because in fact in 2024 the combi-ticket is valid all day.

The bus 852 Amsterdam RAI – Keukenhof departs up to 8 times an hour.

Please note that the time you select during the Keukenhof combi-tickets purchase, is not the exact departure time. In fact, you select a time-slot. For the actual departure times, please check the Glimble app. It’s an official app of the Arriva company, which operates Keukenhof Express buses:

Tickets with flexible departure times

If you want to have a flexible departure time, we recommend to order the Tulip Festival Card (from €55 in 2024), a combi-ticket which includes:

This card includes everything you need to enjoy Keukenhof and the flower fields. It also includes transportation to the Keukenhof without timeslots, which gives you extra flexibility while planning your trip.

Book the Tulip Festival Card online >>

Keukenhof bus 852 from Amsterdam, Express Bus Combi Tickets

For the return express bus 852 Keukenhof – Amsterdam RAI there are no timeslots. You can take any bus you want.

Departure point of the Arriva bus 852 Amsterdam – Keukenhof

The bus 852 Amsterdam – Keukenhof departs from Europaplein in Amsterdam (near Amsterdam RAI).

Book tickets for the Keukenhof Express Bus 852 from Amsterdam to Keukenhof
How to get to Amsterdam RAI?

You can plan your door-to-door trip in the Netherlands by public transport and shared transport with a free Glimble app.

The most common way to travel to Amsterdam RAI/Europaplein from Amsterdam city center is by metro line 52. Get off at the Europaplein metro stop. The metro departs every 5 minutes and it takes 8 minutes to get you to the bus 852 departure location.

Important: a metro ticket is not included into the combi-ticket price. You need a separate GVB ticket.Travel to Keukenhof by public transport 2024, 852 Arriva bus

Travel options in 2024. Source:

Travel times Amsterdam – Keukenhof

Approximate travel time by Keukenhof Express bus 852 from Amsterdam RAI to Keukenhof is 35 minutes. Exact travel times depend on the road situation.

Types of tickets valid in the bus 852 Amsterdam – Keukenhof

There are several types of tickets valid in the bus line 852:

Does the bus 852 Amsterdam – Keukenhof operate on the Flower parade day?

On 20 April 2024 the roads around Keukenhof will be closed for a few hours, but in general you can travel to Keukenhof from Amsterdam by Arriva bus 852. We recommend to arrive to Keukenhof as early as possible.

Enjoy your visit to Keukenhof in 2024!

Last updated: 2 April 2024

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  1. Hi, we wanted to use ARTT card and want to travel to Keukenhof. While Combi and Tulip cards has prior reservation, how does it work with ARTT?
    Do we have any situation as such bus is full and we wont be allowed ?

    • Hi Lakshmi!

      Here is an article about how ARTT works

      There can always be a situation that the bus is full. But the bus departs up to 8 times an hour, it’s almost as soon as one leaves another one starts boarding.

      I wouldn’t expect a problem here, especially not in the peak hours. And I don’t think travelling with ARTT or OV-card will be more complicated compared to the combi-ticket.

      Have a nice visit to Keukenhof!

      • Thanks a lot for your response.
        My doubt is concerned with timing and Keukenhof advance booking suggests us having pre-booking and particular time slot. So if the bus is full and we could not make on time that causes issues. What is the best way here?

        • Sorry. I could understand now. We have to plan bit earlier to reach the park. That case we can avoid delays. Thanks a lot for your response. 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    I was confused about the bus tickets, so I just bought the Keukenhof tickets.
    I would be departing from Amsterdam.
    Can I buy only the bus ticket? What would be the best option for me now?

    • From what I see on travel planner, it’s 19:55. But it’s better to check it on when you know your exact travel date.

  3. My husband and I will be visiting and staying in Amsterdam in April. We want to take a trip to visit the tulips in Keukenhof, then go to The Hague to visit the Mauritshuis, and then head back to Amsterdam, all on the same day. Can we do all this by bus? What do you advise? Thank you.

    • Hello Esmeralda! There is no direct bus for this trip. But what I would do is:

      1) take Keukenhof express bus 852 from Amsterdam to Keukenhof
      2) from Keukenhof take Keukenhof bus 854 to Leiden (you can use the same ticket)
      3) from Leiden take a train to The Hague
      4) travel back to Amsterdam from The Hague by train.

      I hope it helps!

  4. Hi ,

    I would like to check if I am using the Amsterdam region travel ticket to board Keukenhof bus line 852, do i still need to book a time slot and if yes how to go about ? What is the grace period if I bought my entrance ticket at a certain timing and I’m late for the entry?

    • Hi!

      With the Amsterdam region travel ticket you don’t need to book a time slot for the bus. You can take any bus, as long as your card is active.

      As for the timely arrival and entrance, this is the Keukenhof answer (from their official website):

      The arrival time within your booked time slot applies. If the arrival is earlier or later due to traffic, we are flexible in handling these arrival time slots. Should the arrival deviate from the time slot, there is a possibility that the park is too full and you may have to wait a while to enter.

  5. Hi
    I am planning the Keukenhof visit on below route:
    Schiphol airport – #858- Keukenhof – #852 – Amsterdam city

    I understand that combi ticket is only eligible for return bus tickets.
    If we would prefer the above, can I buy the single e-tickets on Arriva website for each 858+852 bus and board the service based on these e-tickets ?
    Do I still need bus reservation in addition to park reservation ??

    • Hi! Yes, you can buy the single e-tickets on Arriva website or via their Glimble app. You don’t need any other reservation (except for Keukenhof entrance) to board the bus and visit the park.

  6. Hi,

    Could you please help me? i am planning a visit to Keukenhof on the 7th of May on below route:
    Amsterdam Rai – Keukenhof – Leiden. I have bought the entrance tickets and one-way bus from Amsterdam Rai but I cannot find one-way ticket from Keukenhof Leiden with bus.

    Could you please help?

  7. Hi! I would love to visit the gardens but I am currently on a wheelchair. Is the bus wheelchair accessible? I can’t use steps.
    Many thanks, Liana

    • Hi Liana!

      Yes, this bus is wheelchair accessible (maximum allowed dimensions are 120 cm long, 70 cm wide, 109 cm high).

      It’s easy to get into the bus via the central door, there are no steps.

      Keukenhof bus wheelchairs

      And there is a special space for wheelchairs and buggies. This space is enough for 1 wheelchair. Passengers in wheelchairs have priority over buggies.

      Have a nice trip!

  8. Hi,
    I am planning to visit keukenhoof on April 2024 and i plan use ARTT for transportation,
    Can i use ARTT with route Amsterdam RAI – Keukenhof – Leiden ? or i must buy separate bus ticket from keukenhof to Leiden ?

    Thank you

      • Hi Ronny!

        No, unfortunately ARTT doesn’t cover the segment Keukenhof – Leiden. You will need to buy a separate ticket for the bus 854 which costs € 6.

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