Parking in Zandvoort in 2024: rates and locations

Zandvoort, often called the beach of Amsterdam, is a nice village on the North Sea beach, 40 km away from Amsterdam. It’s know for its impressive coastal dunes merging with the Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland, beaches and Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix.

If you’re planning to visit Zandvoort by car, we recommend checking parking regulations and choosing a parking location in advance. In summer, on warm sunny days, it’s getting crowded in Zandvoort. And on 1 July 2023 new parking rules were introduced, to spread the traffic and limit the access to the residential areas.

Zandvoort parking 2024 prices, address

Parking in Zandvoort: in the short
  • Nearly all parking locations in Zandvoort now are paid from 10:00 till 22:00 OR available only for the residents with a parking permit.
  • Parking rates differ a lot depending on location.
  • Here you can download an official map of parking locations in Zandvoort with the rates.
  • Here you can find addresses of Zandvoort parking lots and lots on Google Maps.

Formule 1 tickets

If you are looking for the cheap parking in Zandvoort, park at the Boulevard (parking rates are € 2,50 per hour in summer, and € 1 per hour in winter). Parking in the center costs € 7 per hour, and at some parking slots you have to buy a day parking ticket (€ 15) even if you park for a few hours.

Zandvoort cheap parking

Paying for parking in Zandvoort

You can pay for parking in Zandvoort by bank card via parking machines in the street. You will need to enter your number plate and pay in advance.

You can also use parking apps like Yellowbrick, SMS Parking or Parkmobile, and then pay per minute for your actual parking time.

For more details please check the official Zandvoort website where you can find parking rates and locations.

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