Cycling on Texel

Exploring Texel by bike is one of the best things to do on this beautiful island. It has more than 140 kilometres of cycle paths, with great routes along the dunes, forests, polders and beaches. Get on a bike – and you’ll see the hidden gems that you would have never reached by car. Enjoy cycling on Texel!

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Rent a bike on Texel
Bike rental at the ferry port Texel

If you arrive on Texel by public transport, the most convenient option is to rent a bike at the ferry port. The address of the rental shop Rijwielverhuur Veerhaven Texel is Pontweg 2, Den Hoorn. You will see the building as soon as you leave the boat.

At this shop you can rent different models of dikes, e-Bikes, tandem bicycles, scooters, kids bikes and child seats.

Rental prices

Here is the Rijwielverhuur Veerhaven Texel price list (as of 5 October 2022):

Number of days 1 2 3 4 5
Bicycle* 12,50 22,00 29,00 36,00 40,00
Children’s Bike* 9,50 16,00 22,00 26,00 30,00
Bike + K/F* 18,50 32,50 44,00 52,50 60,50
Child’s seat 5,00 8,50 11,50 14,50 17,50
Parent/child tandem 24,00 44,00 62,00 74,50 87,00
E-bike 24,50 45,00 62,50 80,00 95,00
E-cargobike 45,00 80,00 115,00 145,00 170,00
Scooter 50,00 80,00 110,00 140,00 170,00
Bicycle dog basket 3,50 6,00 8,50 11,00 13,50
Bicycle bag 2,50 4,00 5,50 7,00 8,50

More more information and prices for a longer rental period please check

Texel cycling routes (Texel fietsroute)

Please note:

  • at the bike rental you have to provide a valid proof of identity. For hiring a scooter you have to present a valid driving license.
  • when renting a bike for 3 or more days you can request a free bike delivery to your address on Texel.
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Other bike rentals on Texel

You can also rent bikes in most Texel villages and some camping parks (like De Krim) on Texel.


You can also rent a e-scooter on Texel (from € 35 per person) >>

Cycling routes on Texel

Texel is a real cycling island. Here you can find various free cycling routes across the island. You can choose the distance and the thema of your route, from visiting attractive Texel villages to cycle along the dike or through the nature parks.

You can download GPS routes from

If you prefer to have printed book with Texel cycling routes, we recommend ANWB Fietsgids 12 / Texel Noord which contains 20 cycling routes (30 – 58 km).

Texel by bike, cycling routes

Plan your vacation on Texel

Check out our online Texel Travel Guide with the most useful and up-to-date information for planning your trip to Texel island.

Book your holiday home on Texel
How to find the best accommodation on Texel? Tips:

Belvilla huisje huren Texel, rent a house on Texel

Enjoy your weekend or holiday on Texel!
Need more travel inspiration?

Texel island things to doLooking for a special place for a weekend getaway? Welcome on Texel! You will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, tranquility and stunning landscapes of this beautiful Dutch Wadden Islands, off the coast of the Netherlands. Rent a bike and enjoy the endless fields, meditative sheep and the dune landscape. Climb the famous Texel lighthouse in the north of the island. More things to do on Texel >>

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