How to get from Amsterdam to the beach?

Get on a train that runs from Amsterdam Centraal to Zandvoort aan Zee, and in 30 minutes you’ll arrive to the North Sea. Well, and here you are! The beach is in just a few minutes walk from the station.

Train schedule: direct trains from Amsterdam Centraal to Zandvoort aan Zee generally run every 30 minutes. In July and August there are additional trains, which makes it even easier to get from Amsterdam to the beach. Check the current schedule here >>

Travel price in 2016: a return ticket from Amsterdam to Zandvoort costs € 11,00  + € 1 for a disposable train card. 

How to get from Amsterdam to Zandvoort aan Zee?

Things to do:

Just enjoy the moment! Swim, suntan, visit a beach club (a place where you are totally welcome in your swimming pants and bikini)…


…or a restaurant (no swimwear, yet no bow ties).

Our top pick for lunch and evening drinks is Club Nautique

Walk on the promenade to Bloemendaal aan Zee (a less touristic part of the beach) and taste some fresh fish.


Rent a bike and explore the dunes in National park Zuid-Kennemerland.


Enjoy your summer days on the beach in Holland!

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