Combiticket to Keukenhof: how does it work?

Buying a combi-ticket to Keukenhof is the most easy and the cheapest way to visit Keukenhof. A combi-ticket includes:

  • entrance to Keukenhof
  • round trip by public transport to Keukenhof from Amsterdam, Schiphol airport, Leiden or Haarlem.

Update January 8, 2023. Entrance tickets to Keukenhof 2023 are already available online. Combi-tickets to Keukenhof are expected online in February.

If you want to book your entrance + travel tickets right now, you can choose one of the following options:

Keukenhof combi-tickets FAQ

Keukenhof combi-tickets prices in 2022:
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All tickets include the Keukenhof entrance tickets and the transportation (return transfer).

Booking a timeslot with a combi-ticket to Keukenhof

Due to the COVID-19 virus situation, maximum number of visitors will be allowed to Keukenhof per day, and the Keukenhof tickets in 2022 will have fixed time slots per day. The bus tickets also have a fixed departure time.

The time you choose during the booking process is based on the departure of the bus. All buses departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot can be taken. For the buses back for the return transfers there are no timeslots. You can take any bus you want.

How long is a combi-ticket valid?

These tickets are valid on the day and provides transport to and from Keukenhof.

Where is a combi-ticket valid?

Combi-tickets are valid in:

It is also valid in bus 397 from Amsterdam’s city centre (Leidseplein, Concertgebouw or Museumplein) to Schiphol Airport, bus 300 from Amsterdam Bijlmer or Amstelveen to Schiphol Airport and bus 341 from Station Zuid to Schiphol Airport.

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Please note: combi-tickets are not valid in metro and trains.

Check the detailed travel instructions here:

How to use a combi-ticket?

Present your ticket to the bus driver and at the Keukenhof entrance.
You will also need to show your ticket again to the driver for your return trip.

Can I travel from Amsterdam and go back to Schiphol?

Yes, if you have booked a ticket with the transport from Amsterdam, from Keukenhof you can take any bus you want, so you can also take the bus to Schiphol Airport.

Also, if you have booked a ticket with transport from Schiphol, Haarlem, Leiden, you can take a return bus to any of these places.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

You don’t need to wear a face mask in Keukenhof. But you do need to wear it in public transport in the Netherlands, including Keukenhof Express Arriva buses.

Update: The requirement to wear a face mask on public transport will be lifted as of Wednesday 23 March 2022. You won’t need to wear a face mask after this date.

Combi-tickets Keukenhof, book online with a timeslot
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