Places for lunch around Keukenhof: where to eat?

Visiting Keukenhof? It’s definitely a good idea to extend your visit and explore the area aroung the flower gardens. Here we’ve picked our three favourite places for lunch if you go biking around Keukenhof.

All these lunch places are easily accessible by car or by bike. But as they are located off the beaten track, they are not accessible by public transport. We recommend to rent a bike and enjoy the beautiful flower fields and nice food after your visit to Keukenhof!

Palingrokerij Eveleens

Address: Leimuiderdijk 228a, 2154 MN Burgerveen

You definitely have heard about the Dutch herring. And what about the famous Dutch smoked eel? Normally you cannot get it at a usual fish shop (or you will get it cold from the fridge). But if you want to taste freshly smoked eel, you have to visit a smokehouse where they prepare fish on the spot.

Palingrokerij Eveleens

Palingrokerij Eveleens is a smokehouse with a small cafe located on by the side of Westeinderplassen lake, very popular among the locals. There are a few tables outside near the lake. You can buy sandwiches (broodjes) with smoked eel, salmon, mackerel, have a typical Dutch lunch and enjoy the view.

Palingrokerij Eveleens

Restaurant MAMA

Address: Duinschooten 12, 2211 ZC Noordwijkerhout

Pop-up restaurant MAMA in Noordwijkerhout is in fact an Italian restaurant. So you might wonder why do I recommed to visit it during your trip to the Netherlands. The answer is simple: they have the best food I’ve tasted in the Netherlands in years! The prices suprisingly reasonable. You can check the menu here.

And location is just perfect for lunch on a sunny day!

The restaurant has a beatiful terrace facing lake “Como” (Oosterduinermeer). During the flower season it turns into a blooming flower garden. We visited MAMA restaurant late in October and it was still very nice and cosy.

Restaurant de Vogelensangh

Address: Vogelenzangseweg 182, 2114 BD Vogelenzang

This family restaurant serves typical Dutch lunch food (sandwiches, pancakes), which is very decent and enjoyable. And the place itself is cosy, welcoming and relaxed.

De Vogelensangh restaurant lunch near Keukenhof, where to eat

We visit this restaurant often when we are in the area, because it’s very spacious, so there is always a place to sit (or at least we are always lucky).

By the way, people in the Netherlands usually have lunch between 12:30 and 14:00. So if you want to get a table without reservation, the trick is to arrive a bit earlier or later.

During our latest visit to De Vogelensangh we’ve also discovered that they have a perfect kids corner. It’s full with high quality toys, safe and clean. The kids were happy and busy for a few hours.

The restaurant is located half-way from Keukenhof to Haarlem, to it can be a good idea to visit all three places in one day. And yes, they also have a few hotel rooms about the restaurant, in case you want to spend a night.

Enjoy your trip to the Netherlands!

P.S. And if you have discovered other nice restaurants in the area, please share in comments!

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