Keukenhof tickets are sold out: what to do?

Could Keukenhof tickets sell out? Yes, if you’ve been trying to book Keukenhof entrance tickets for the weekend in April and May, you have probably noticed that for many dates they are competely sold out.

If the entrance tickets to Keukenhof are sold out online, there is no chance you’ll be able to buy them at the counter. But there is a trick that will most probably help you to buy tickets for the date of your choice.

The trick is: if Keukenhof entrance tickets are sold out, check Keukenhof combi tickets (entrance + public transport from Amsterdam RAI, Schiphol, Leiden or Haarlem) or Keukenhof entrance + shuttle bus tickets.

You can check availability right here:

Keukenhof combi tickets

Keukenhof entrance + shuttle bus tickets

If all combi tickets and shuttle bus tickets are also sold out for the date and time of your choice, we recommend checking availability regularly. There is a chance that someone will cancel their reservation and you’ll be the lucky one to book that spot.

You can also visit the tulip fields around Keukenhof – it’s free and you don’t need a ticket!

Tulip festival card, tulip fields

You can also visit visit special farms, like The Tulip Barn (address: 130 3e Loosterweg, 2182 CX, Hillegom) which have photo zones for the great Instagram photos with tulips.

Keukenhof timeslots system

Keukenhof timeslots system was first introduced in 2022. There is a limited amount of tickets available per day and pre timeslot. Since then, every season almost all weekends in April and May are usually sold out. We recommend booking Keukenhof tickets in advance to avoid unnecessary stress and disappointment.

Keukenhof tickets sold out

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